I’ll stop now, honest

I just had to do this one first:

Of course, now that I have a good source and tool for making O’Reilly-ish (technically Dover Pictorial Archive style) cover images, more could appear at any time.

The top script comes from here; the bottom one is my old minimized CipherSaber implementation.

[Final version of the new japh I came up with after making this cover; intermediate steps after the jump]

sub _'__'_{sub{map{pop.shift}@_}}sub{print+(map{pack$..h.2,$_}_ _::__->
(split$,,shift.pop.shift))[map{hex}split$\,pop]}->(map y{#-`}{+-]}r,qw&
...../. (aa(+f*(,-0+e)-cb ../// ////..*. e/-0d+,b0.*ad1*a)d.+c(*af&)&0_


I can quit any time…

…in fact, I quit Twitter months ago.

Merit, shmerit

The online O’RLY book-cover meme generator only emulates the “classic” O’Reilly layout, but this picture seemed to cry out for a more modern look. Fortunately I did the first one in Illustrator, making it trivial to update.

The Conspirator’s Coven

A Balanced Diet

Not pictured: the fourth food group, alcohol.

Lego that pool!

Y’know, that pool:


I’m surprised the creator didn’t include erotically-posed minifigs…

One of these things is not like the other…

Canonical Soundtrack:


“I Am A Girl”

Fun with dust jackets:

Left to right, that’s:

  • Orihime And Juliet
  • Naked Old Man
  • I Am A Girl
  • Run, Dog!
  • Matasaburō Searches For Mama

(that last one is a bit incoherent, because the mashup is 3000 Leagues In Search Of Mother (featuring a Sheena Easton theme song!) and Matasaburō Of The Wind)


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”