Trump Rally Highlights, Impeachment Edition

It’s real; I checked with Snopes.

Dear Woot,

Hotter than intended:

Lairs of faq-chekrs

First line of a UPI health story:

Roughly of all deaths worldwide are caused by inflammation-related diseases.

Well, that certainly narrows it down.

Dear Amazon,

Finally you get one right!

[Unrelated, file under “baffling” the person in India who manually posted three link-stuffed (and I mean “every character is a different link, all to the same site”) spam comments to two recent entries. Pro tip: javascript-based comments don’t get indexed by search engines, so no one saw this except me, and it took one click to make them go away. Looks like it’s a WordPress site, so with luck it will be hijacked by other crooks soon…]

Traditional Japanese Flavors

What saké should be paired with Miku-flavored Pringles?

Meme endgame

Well, I suppose there are worse ways for this story to end…

Dear Amazon,

If I buy Echo Frames, Echo Buds, and an Echo Loop, and sit in a car equipped with an Echo Auto, will they all misunderstand me the same way?

More seriously, will they all fight over the Bluetooth connection to my phone, rendering their functionality non-deterministic?

Also, is it just me, or does the name “Ring Stick Up Cam” sound like something to wear in case you get mugged?

[Not buying the glasses, by the way, because I hate the way thick plastic frames look on my face. Not buying the earbuds, because I have Ankers, and they’re pretty good. Not buying the ring, because it’s huge. Not buying the smart oven, for the same reason I don’t want a gas range that has WiFi: fire bad. Also not buying the Studio, the Show, or the Glow. The Flex has potential, since it replaces the common hack of mounting a Dot on an outlet, but I won’t buy one unless you offer a trade-in on earlier-generation devices; they still work, so why buy more?]

“Fixed that for ya…”

I’ve made a modest revision to that “rpg consent form”…