Playing possum

Had a possum scratching at my back door Monday night. I imagine he was attracted by the lingering odor of chicken in my smoker (27 brined and rubbed thighs that will be devoured by family and friends if I don’t beat them to it), but I thought it was interesting that he was scratching at the door, not the smoker, and that he held his ground when I turned on the lights, made noise, and even opened the door. It wasn’t until I started to step out that he ambled off to the far edge of the patio.

It was like he was expecting a handout, so I suppose I ought to ask the former owner’s son next time I see him, “did your dad feed the possums?”.


I had half a dozen bird strikes on my front windows Wednesday. I kept thinking it was knocking by the FedEx driver I was waiting on for a signature-required package.

(the driver ended up just leaving the quite expensive package on the porch without bothering to ask for a signature, once again making me glad that my driveway is highly resistant to porch pirates)

As part of my prep for the (finally!) upcoming trip to Japan, I now have a Sony A7S III full-frame camera body that goes up to ISO 409,600, as well as a 50mm f/1.2 lens. If I can see it, I can take a picture.

No anime for you!

AnimeSchedule.net had Flatcat & Sword premiering yesterday, but apparently that’s only on one network in Japan, and it doesn’t even show up as “coming soon” on HiDive yet. Everyone else is airing episode 1 next Wednesday, sigh.

(non-flat sword-bearing catgirl is unrelated)

Coming soon, Cute Girls Doing Yuri Things In Front Of A Man Who’s Been Reincarnated As An ASMR Microphone. Not an isekai, but it definitely takes place in a fantasy world, or at least a world that men fantasize about…

(no, not that kind of microphone)

AI-powered laser turret that kills cockroaches

We’ve seen where this leads…

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