“First, I would like to dispute the idea that Eolienne windmills aren’t profitable. Once one adds all the subsidies and financial support the industry receives from the French government and the European Community, it is losing very little money.”

— French economist redefines "profitable", in service to his masters

Dear wine.com,

Please fire the web designer who thinks there should be a maximum password length (16) on your site. There are only two possibilities for this stupidity:

  1. you’re storing cleartext passwords rather than a hash.
  2. your webclowns don’t realize that the length of a salted hash has no relationship to the length of a user’s password.

I’d prefer to believe #2, but since there’s a good chance of #1, I won’t be leaving a credit card on file…


When I upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus (a year after it came out), I turned my old 4S into a full-time music player in the car. Every six months or so, it would restart and fail to play music until I unlocked the screen, which was a trivial nuisance. The fact that the car’s display didn’t have Japanese font support has always been the only actual issue with connecting an iPod in this car.

During our recent trip to Napa, it did something I hadn’t seen before: refuse to work until I authenticated it against Apple’s servers. I wasn’t going to put it on a random hotel wireless network (given how long ago Apple stopped providing security updates), so I simply didn’t have music in the car for a week until I got home and connected it to my old MacBook (which involved entering credentials on both sides, agreeing that they should be allowed to speak to each other, and reconfiguring all the sync options that had been reset).

(Why not hook the 6 Plus to the car? Because Apple keeps changing their APIs, and 2018 iOS is “not entirely compatible” with my 2011 car)

Galpão Gaucho

Had dinner at Galpão Gaucho Brazilian steakhouse recently. Next time I’ll bring a second stomach along so I can eat more.


Now that we’re back from the weeklong tour of Napa and Livermore (mostly Napa), I’ve changed the above link to point to the actual location we ate at, not the one close to my office.

Vividgreen Operation

One thing that’s always bugged me about the opening credits of Vividbutt Observation is Wakaba-chan’s kendo scene.

She’s swinging her bokken more or less horizontally, which means she’s hitting with the flat of the blade (foreshortening distorts it, but at best it’s at 45° to the target). Much, much worse, the curvature of the blade says she’s holding it the normal way, but the edge is up, and she doesn’t look anything like Rurouni Kenshin (fortunately).

Dear Funko,

I am deeply saddened to find no Funko Pop figurines of Pinky, Froppy, or Ruby Roundhouse. How can I keep my office safe without them?


Well, when this comes out, I should be protected from any hostile force. Even idiot managers.

Cheesecake: vividred_operation

To make this one a bit of a challenge, I set some ground rules:

  1. no pervy crotch or ass shots.
  2. exclude age-inappropriate activities.
  3. include Hot Dark Girl Rei with her Kickass Scarf.

It wasn’t easy…


I think it’s a hit…

Jumanji is still in over 2,500 theaters, and the Bluray pre-release (March 20) is #2 on Amazon in both the Comedy and Action/Adventure categories, and #7 in Movies/TV (any format).

Cheesecake: nier_automata

Or, “y’know, her” (and friends). I kept seeing fan-art of this visually striking warrior babe with an odd face-mask and a penchant for thigh-high stockings. Thanks to the 50% off Steam sale on NieR: Automata, I now know that her name is 2B, her mission is slaughtering mechanical mooks, and her panties are air-cooled.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”