pic dump



“It’s all fun and games…”

“​…until the cat murders you all in your sleep.”


Field Work

Pixiv isn’t all cheesecake and porn, and Korean artist whitebear has some excellent examples.

All your Bows are belong to us

Gender-swapped Bowser and friends is the good news this week.

I’ll stop now, honest

I just had to do this one first:

Of course, now that I have a good source and tool for making O’Reilly-ish (technically Dover Pictorial Archive style) cover images, more could appear at any time.

The top script comes from here; the bottom one is my old minimized CipherSaber implementation.

[Final version of the new japh I came up with after making this cover; intermediate steps after the jump]

sub _'__'_{sub{map{pop.shift}@_}}sub{print+(map{pack$..h.2,$_}_ _::__->
(split$,,shift.pop.shift))[map{hex}split$\,pop]}->(map y{#-`}{+-]}r,qw&
...../. (aa(+f*(,-0+e)-cb ../// ////..*. e/-0d+,b0.*ad1*a)d.+c(*af&)&0_


I can quit any time…

…in fact, I quit Twitter months ago.

Merit, shmerit

The online O’RLY book-cover meme generator only emulates the “classic” O’Reilly layout, but this picture seemed to cry out for a more modern look. Fortunately I did the first one in Illustrator, making it trivial to update.

The Conspirator’s Coven

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”