“You can get anything you want…”

I really like this image from Hebitsukai; sadly, it’s the only one that just feels detailed rather than cluttered.

Little Bobby Tables…

Last one of these for a while, but I had to do this one:

A perfect likeness…

Don’t you think?


Itami Hoihoi!

Fear the cute ones!

Besides the sheer cuteness, this picture is notable for including an amusing conceptual tag, 伊丹ホイホイ = “Itami (Our Hero) trap”, from the popular “Gokiburi Hoi-hoi” cockroach trap.

This is the only acceptable kind of trap in anime.

Best. Day. Ever.


Pixiv artists I follow

I currently have 1,596 illustrations bookmarked on Pixiv. Almost all of those are from images included in my various cheesecake posts.

Periodically I update my follow list to include anyone I’ve blogged more than 3 images by. After the most recent update, that brings me to 325, listed alphabetically after the jump (recommended if you’re NSFW-shy, since clicking on either of the links above will fill your screen with cheesecake and other delights).

(and, no, I don’t have Brickmuppet’s Boy Problems, mostly because advertising on the Internet is something that happens to other people; every once in a while I see what popular sites like ZDnet look like for people without ad-blockers, and I run away screaming)



I knew that Google’s company culture was fucked up, but not that it was just a daycare center.

To pick on just one of the issues these people have, my feelings on the pronoun madness are pretty simple:

  1. Honestly, for 95% of the people I meet, at work or elsewhere, I forget their names within five minutes, so demanding at gunpoint that I remember their invented pronouns is just never gonna happen. I can’t tell you the names of the people who’ve been my neighbors for the past twenty years, and they all know mine!

  2. Forms of address are a courtesy and/or a sign of respect, and neither discourtesy nor disrespect are crimes, particularly when the $other demanding compliance is $self rude and insulting.

  3. “Okay, $other, my pronouns are: normal, normal’s, normself; use them or else!”


(yes, I wrote a generalized hello-sticker-making Perl script using PDF::Cairo…)

Acute mercury poisoning…

There is no cure.

“Hmmm, those guys in the iron carriages have a mage? And an elf shaman? And… Rory Mercury?!?”

“Fetch me my brown armor!”

— Princess Piña Co Lada (loosely translated)