Best. Hug Pillow. Ever

Sadly, it’s one of the prizes in Yomeishu’s summer campaign, not for sale (unless you want to buy it used in a few months…).


Foods from my native land…

The company’s having an “international potluck lunch” with foods from our “native countries” on Wednesday. I don’t have time to order Cassano’s Pizza, and the nearest White Castle is in Vegas, so I can’t decide between corn on the cob, Johnny Marzetti, Cincinatti Chili, or just stopping at Wendy’s and buying a bunch of Frosties.

The Catgirl Obsession…

An unrelated post on Mad Genius Club suddenly reminded me of my first catgirl crush:

My incurable case of Feline Fever goes back more than four decades.

SimCity 2017


Yamato (Nadesico) Transport


Hey, at least they’re not Peeps…


Probationary Duckies

A little something to help Wonderduck through life’s trials.


The Apocralypse

Y2K Apocralypse


We were all-hands-on-deck for Y2K at WebTV, with Operations, devs, and management all waiting for a scramble signal from QA if something went wrong. Since, like most businesses, we’d fixed everything we could think of well in advance, I was hanging out in a conference room with my 4x5 view camera taking pictures of whisky bottles (and a mildly-cute girl from another group who wandered in at some point; portraits only!).

Turned out there was exactly one thing that had been missed: trying to add a credit card that didn’t start being valid until 1/1/2000. This produced a legendary flaming email from Steve Perlman, which was preserved for posterity because it was a reply-all that CC’d the Remedy ticket system.