Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Alice Wndr’lnd wgah’nagl fhtagn

Proof that the stars are aligning to seal our doom is the announcement of a new Hogan’s Heroes tv series, sure to destroy my few remaining childhood memories.

Pixiv artist: Kemineko

For obvious reasons, Kemineko doesn’t post new work as often as the more cheesecake-oriented Pixiv artists.

Unrelated and amusing, I just got a variant on the “I hacked your account and recorded you watching porn” scam email. The content is the same, but the subject line includes emoji (🍆✊💦) and the body text is mangled with similar-looking Unicode characters (“I ίɳfected your ɗevίce”, etc). The, um, “thrust” of the message is familiar nonsense.

(sending it to an email address at a vanity domain that has never had any kind of account or password associated with it just adds ❄️ing to the 🎂)


Isekai Overload…

Magical Terrapin Andii says:

“There is a manga series about a guy who started out as a slime in a fantasy world, died, and got reincarnated as a Japanese office worker.

“Still haven’t found ‘That time my smartphone got reincarnated as a spider farm’ but it’s probably in there.”

Having some “experience” in the field, may I offer a few suggestions that may aid your search?

That last one’s for Pete (who I’m sure has already read it…), and the full title is: “異世界で最強の杖に転生した俺が嫌がる少女をムリヤリ魔法 少女にPする!”, in which Our Hero, a magical-girl otaku, gets hit by a truck while saving a little girl, summoned to another world by a busty, scantily-clad sorceress, and reincarnated as the strongest magic wand. Annoyed that a world full of magic doesn’t have magical girls, he becomes the Producer for a busty, scantily-clad young beauty, and works to overcome her reluctance, shyness, and crippling lack of self-esteem to groom her into becoming his new world’s first true (busty, scantily-clad) magical girl.

Labor Day…

This is not an accurate illustration of how I spent the 3-day weekend, but I did do some cleaning and laundry, and ripped out a bunch of dead bamboo.

This is not quite how I’ll be relaxing after…


The future that never was…

Slightly less likely than cold fusion, it’s The Year Of The Linux Desktop. The video explains a lot, really.


Replaced the Youtube link with Brickmuppet’s Bitchute upload.

One for Brickmuppet

I think I figured out where your gal got her hair ornaments

The hotel wifi objects…

It’s a fair cop:

8​. “Don’t put that in your mouth”