Mid-week roundup


I brought my Arlo security cameras with me from the old house, but haven’t gotten around to permanently mounting them outside, due to all the work being done (I just had a temporary setup for while I was in Japan). Now they’re being end-of-lifed, so it’s kind of moot. I think I’ll check out the competition before buying new ones.

With luck, this will improve the price of the ammo…

Smith & Wesson just announced a pistol in 5.7x28mm, a gas-operated 22-rounder in the M&P brand, with an optics mount, picatinny rail, and threaded barrel for mounting a suppressor. Price is approximately half that of FN’s pistol, which should attract some customers. Ergonomically it resembles the M&P line, but lacks the adjustable comfortable grip due to the length of the 5.7 cartridge. Also, it looks like it uses the three-handed hammer-and-punch field-stripping method of the CSX, which is a giant leap backwards.

Little Girls MasterBlading episode 2

Our Sorting Hat Box doesn’t have a voice of its own, which they make up for with exposition from both his and her voices. This is immediately followed by a 6-year timeskip to get Our Battle Maiden up to a full-figured short-skirted twelve-year-old, so the plot can briefly quicken as the young scumbag from the first episode returns as an adult scumbag, complete with scenery chewing and mustache twirling.

They need another six-year timeskip ASAP if she’s going to keep showing that much premium cleavage; the only thing that says “twelve” about her is her height relative to adult males, which just improves their view.

There’s a brief moment of self-awareness as Our Early Bloomer recoils under the lustful gaze of adult men, and she wonders if all the young women he admired in her previous life felt the same. But that’s about it for his feminist awakening, and she doesn’t bring it up again.

Verdict: this is all still prologue; at this pace they won’t reach Ninja High School until the season’s more than half over, which limits the screen time for the other cute girls (and the story, such as it is). Sorry, not willing to stick around that long.

(unrelated busty battle maiden is unrelated)

Zero-Trust Dungeoneering episode 3

Our Dragongirl Gourmand’s a real cutie when she’s happy, and her betrayal backstory was actually well-done. This has earned the show another episode on my watchlist, even though I still want to know about the receptionist’s eye (and there are two girls like this, on opposite sides). Also, Our Undercover Idol seems to be taking a direct interest in her #1 fan, and she’s cute, too.

Verdict: one more, at least

Isekai Amazon Fresh episode 2

Sadly, Our Shopping Hero bids farewell to his escort party, which suggests that Our Genki Scouter Gal will not be a regular part of the show. Which significantly reduces my interest in future episodes, although I did like his interaction with the merchant guild. The receptionist (who we’ll likely never see again…) was easy on the eyes, and smart enough to immediately recognize the quality of his spices.

Verdict: one more, just in case, although the goddesses don’t look as interesting as the adventurer gal.

(genki adventurer gal is unrelated, and no longer on Pixiv for some reason, so I can’t link to the picture)

Unrelated, Modern Problems:

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.”

“Don’t give him free fish the next day, and he’ll burn down your house, loot the neighborhood shops, and murder anyone who disses him.”


Reminder: a server config that works when you test with a single client is not guaranteed to work when someone fires up 1,000 clients at once. Just sayin’. Also, nginx internals can be weird and hard to debug, especially when Production is on fire. Also also, Never Cut And Paste From Stack Overflow. 😁

Meanwhile, Down Under

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord To Australia. Too sexy to import on DVD/Bluray, but streaming the broadcast version is fine!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that boobs are involved. The kind with nipples.

Meanwhile, in FNlandia

FN has injected steroids into their popular 509 series, producing the FN 545 Tactical 18-shot .45 ACP with an optics mount, picatinny rail, and threaded barrel. I think that pretty soon handgun makers are going to have to start adding M-Lok rails at various angles so customers have a new way to tart up their guns so they can look more tacticool than the next guy while poking poorly-grouped holes in paper targets at a suburban pistol range.

On the bright side, I didn’t like their old FNX-45 model at all. I do wonder how long it will be before the new one (and its 22-shot 10mm sibling) is out on shelves, though. I still haven’t seen the new High Power anywhere, and the Five-seveN Mk3 is pretty scarce, too.

Jan. 16 update

To my surprise, has both the 545 and 510 in stock already, in both Basic Black and Coyote Ugly.

Meanwhile, is still not a function

(sorry, Pete)

Unrelated, every time I see shit like this…

…I realize that the world is doomed.

Rainy-day Roundup

Temperatures are supposed to drop about 25°F tonight and stay that way for at least a week, so today’s rain will be followed by tomorrow’s snow. Welcome back to the midwest, eh?

1Password ssh-agent

I missed this announcement, but it does seem to work, as long as all of your keys are recent/strong enough. It imports your private keys into a vault (replacing the passphrase with their security) and acts as your ssh-agent, allowing you to transparently sync keys to your Linux, Mac, and Windows devices, and the browser extension correctly detects common cloud and source control platforms that you’d want to paste public keys into. It also handles any necessary format conversions on import, which is handy when you’ve got a mixed audience of Windows and Mac/Linux users.

Never explain!

I’ve been idly following the light novels for Realist Hero, and the latest one, book 17, finally fills in every detail of how things work and how they got that way. It’s been lurking in the background for a while now, with the author dribbling out nonsense about time travel, dungeons, “overtech”, and nanites, but it comes to a head here when Our Realist Harem King (who just added two more wives) resolves the Great War Against The Demons with the words “sudo make me a sandwich”.

This follows and is followed by a complete history of the world and its creatures. And it’s really dumb.

(okay, those weren’t his exact words…)

The Killin’ Slimes & Collectin’ Cuties light novels have pretty much run out of steam as well, with the latest volume consisting of a series of unrelated short stories that accomplish nothing. In fairness, the premise was always pretty limited in what they could do once the full cast was assembled and sufficient wacky hijinks ensued. Best Girl Beelzebub was pretty much the only thing holding my interest, and she doesn’t show up nearly often enough.

(see? no Beelzebub!)

False advertising

Last week, when discussing the upcoming election with my mother, I had to correct her on the nature of one of the items. Because she reads the local newspaper, she had picked up an erroneous impression about the constitutional amendment to prevent non-citizens from voting in local elections. She thought it would allow it, so she intended to vote no.

I hadn’t read any voting guides, and I haven’t subscribed to a newspaper in… well, ever, so I just read the sample ballot, which was perfectly clear. Since it passed 77% to 23%, relatively few people were fooled, despite the best efforts of the activists.

Dear Smith & Wesson

I would never buy a concealed-carry pistol that has giant letters shouting EQUALIZER on the slide. No matter how big your advertising budget is (and it’s apparently quite large, judging from the amount of email, ads, and puff pieces this week). I don’t even want to sign up for any of the giveaway packages at various retailers, because it just doesn’t appeal to me, even without the silly name and rollmarking.

I also wouldn’t buy a Tactical Rowdy Elite Combat Patriot Pit Bull Extreme, which would take up about as much space on the slide. I definitely wouldn’t carry anything with a “cool” name, because even a perfectly obvious self-defense situation will likely end up in civil court, where your Bloody Decker 45 with an engraved Punisher logo will look a bit peculiar to a jury carefully selected to know nothing about guns.

The CSX, on the other hand, is a very nice piece that would be a fine replacement for the long-discontinued Star M43 Firestar, except for the three-handed-hammer-and-punch field stripping and the smooth, floppy spacers on the 12-round magazines, which should be firmly attached and stippled.

(speaking of nice pieces, a while back I picked up the Jeff Quinn limited-edition Ruger GP-100 in .44 Special for an excellent price; good thing I bought lots of ammo during Obama’s first term, because 44SP is running $1/round most places, if you can find it at all)

Going on the list…

While I’m in Japan, I’ll have to see if I can find a P-90 keychain/charm to match the one Karen Kohiruimaki has. But I’m not going to spray-paint my PS-90 pink. 😁


Congealed Carry

Beast Tamer 2

Our Catgirl-Waifu’s rapid personality shifts would make a personal-injury lawyer cream his pants imagining all the whiplash lawsuits he could file.

Meanwhile, Our Mild-Mannered Hero had no idea that taming a member of a supreme species would grant him a full share of her super-duper physical powers, so now he’s a fucking superman in a fight. Naturally, this gets his pet pussy purring.

In other news, The Hero-Party Bitch Witch gets a clear explanation of just how special he always was, but refuses to believe it.

New haremette next week! As you can see from her fashion sense, Our Red-hot Dragon-waifu won’t settle for light petting.

Breaking bread

I’m not sure how I ended up with too much salt in my dough, but a single taste explained why the loaf didn’t look right coming out of the machine.

Fast service

I ordered a brick of 5.7x28 from LuckyGunner at 2:30 PM Friday. It arrived at 1:30 PM Saturday. Pity the extra PS90 mags I ordered last week (from somewhere else) aren’t here yet.

This is a very silly pistol. I like the idea of building a pistol around a 50-round PS90 mag, and at least they made it fully ambidextrous, but inverting the magazine puts the barrel way above your hand, as you can see in this NRA quick look video.

It’s apparently on the third or fourth hardware revision already, due to problems discovered (and apparently fixed under warranty) in the early shipments. But you wouldn’t know that unless you went looking on gun forums, because it’s not mentioned anywhere on their web site.

Also, it comes with a custom-fitted hard case, which you’ll have to either throw away or cut new foam for, because while the gun is specifically designed to use with add-on optical sights, the case has no room for them.


They dressed up Lum’s new voice actress to promote the series. I hope her voice is more enthusiastic than her cosplay; modeling is clearly not her chosen career path, and she doesn’t seem to have enjoyed the experience.

Coke-fueled AI

Love Flops

Out of idle curiosity, I watched the trailer for one of the last shows to premier this season (the last appears to be Urusei Yatsura, which will run 2 cours, take a break, and then run 2 more), and the girls are cute. That’s the good news. Other than that, it looks like a real paint-by-numbers ecchi harem comedy with conveniently color-coded haremettes throwing themselves at a guy whose only attractive feature is Being The Protagonist.

(unrelated harem is unrelated)

Posted by a human…

“Stable Diffusion made this”.

Daring Fireball swings and misses

“Smartphones replaced everything Radio Shack sold 30 years ago: still cameras, video cameras, music players, radios, alarm clocks, calculators, tape recorders, and, yes, cellular dumbphones.”

Gruber clearly never set foot inside of a Radio Shack. Probably scared he’d catch something, like a clue.

Let’s take a look at some of the things sold in a 1992 Radio Shack catalog (that took five seconds to find with google):

  • electronic keyboards
  • police-band scanners
  • intercoms
  • baby monitors
  • PA systems
  • bullhorns
  • strobe lights
  • alarm systems
  • air purifiers
  • printers
  • surge protectors
  • RC cars
  • electronics kits (not just for kids)
  • soldering irons, multimeters, breadboards, ICs, semiconductors, tubes, crystals, LEDs, resistors, logic probes, diodes, transistors, cables, adapters, wire, crimping tools, relays, transformers, fans, motors, switches, fuses, etc

(those last items being the things people went to Radio Shack for long before 1992…)

(sadly, they never sold these)

Things I never expected to write…

Gunsite accepts TSA Pre and Global Entry as proof you’re trainable.


I appreciate the way Engadget randomly serves up WEBP images to Safari users, the only major browser that has no idea what to do with them. It really speeds up their site.

The Ultimate FN PS90 Accessory

As promised, they sent the rack-mounting kit for my 24-port switch, so I can clean up the rack in the basement.

I think I’ll celebrate with a Coke…

Shot in the dark

Quick preliminary test of the new camera body’s low-light capability (double-sized if you open it in another tab):

This is the view of the neighbor’s house from my back yard, with no streetlights or other lighting, at midnight with no moon. It’s soft and quite noisy, but it’s clear and in-focus.

It’s also about three stops overexposed, because this is what the scene looked like to the naked eye:

In other words, it was able to successfully meter and auto-focus (admittedly with help from the built-in focus lamp) in conditions where I couldn’t even see that there were fences. Exposure was 1/30 at f/1.2, hand-held at ISO 204,800. By comparison, the latest and greatest iPhone tops out at ISO 12,768 with an f/1.78 lens, which would give a ~1.2-second exposure, if it could meter the scene at all.

Here’s a crop showing what the noise looks like on the full-sized image. Rough, but there’s still some good detail, and it can be cleaned up and sharpened.

No temple, castle, or museum is even close to this dark inside, and I haven’t even tried the built-in HDR features or adjustable Dynamic-Range Optimization yet, so I don’t think I’ll have any trouble getting clear, crisp pictures of anything I can see. The zoom I’m taking has a constant f/4 aperture, so there may be conditions where it has to use a noisier ISO setting, but I don’t think I’ll need to crank it up to even 100K, much less this setting.

And, of course, I’ll be carrying my small LitraPro color-corrected USB-powered LED light. Which is sadly discontinued now that Logitech owns Litra and just used their IP to build a clip-on light for streamers. It looks like the Luxli Fiddle is the current hotness for pocketable LED lighting, although it’s only half as bright as the LitraPro.

Metering digression: the Sony A7S III’s meter sensitivity is EV -3 with an f/2.0 lens; with the 50mm f/1.2 that’s still only EV -4.5, and this exposure computes to EV -5.5, so it got a little help from the focus lamp, even though it was half-blocked by the lens hood.

Juxtaposition, Twitter style

66% No Yuuwaku revisited

So, quite some time ago I posted the cover art for the Japanese release of Meatloaf’s Two out of three ain’t bad single, which translated the title as “Two-thirds of Temptation”. Randomly, I found two things recently: a fan translation of the English lyrics, and the actual lyrics that were included with the single:



僕の目からは涙でなく、 つららが下がった

“君が欲しいんだ、君が必要なんだ” とね

TL/DR: it’s just the first verse, simplified but pretty much on target until you reach the last two lines, which are as far off as the title but in a completely different direction: (roughly) “out of three people, it’s not a bad thing when two of them leave”.

Props to the big G for Google Lens; when I fed it this JPG in the hopes of finding a higher-resolution source (because no one had ever transcribed these lyrics), it couldn’t find one but still managed to OCR almost all of the kanji correctly. The few errors were easily caught and corrected.

Chambered in .44 Lum

Call Of The Night 13 (fin)

In Which Our Animators resist the temptation to wrap it all up and take the high road, continuing the story at a reasonable pace in the full faith that they’ll get a second season, thus allowing Our Surprisingly Sophisticated Hero to calmly refuse Domestication, Death, and the D, and Our Rebellious Heroine to step up to the plate. While I wanted to see more of Our Smoking Nemesis, they chose not to ruin their chance of being able to tell a coherent story when/if they get another season.

Anko Encore:

Dry weekend

I count 11 anime premieres this weekend. I plan to watch 0.

Monday is A-Cup Alchemist, Wednesday is Flatcat & Sword, and nothing else is on my list yet.


I’ve had a lot of shipments coming in recently, and I’m used to some of them coming from company names that don’t match the web site. Some of them warn you about this up front, but some don’t, so I didn’t really pay attention when I saw a UPS notification from “Garff Enterprises”.

When I checked the notification, though, it was being delivered to an address in Arizona, and then I googled the company and found out it’s coming from a car dealership in Utah. And then I noticed that it was going to an iCloud email address, and realized that I must have another Evil Twin who thinks his email address is “jgreely@…”.

This time it appears to be a man slightly my senior named “James J Greely”, with addresses in Salt Lake and Chandler. If a really detailed “family tree now” site can be believed.

Switch mounting!

As I mentioned earlier, I lost the rack-mounting kit for my 24-port managed switch somewhere in the move, and the only people selling them, even on eBay, are in Australia, and while TP-Link’s knowledgebase directs you to their online store, they don’t actually sell it. So I sent email to their tech support address asking how to get one, and they’re shipping it to me for free.

Should be here Wednesday.

Dear Discord,

Please stop starting at boot on Windows 11. You’re not supposed to, and both your settings and the OS startup settings agree that you’re not supposed to, and I’ve completely uninstalled you once just in case, but you keep doing it, and I can’t find the double-secret-probation startup method you’re using. Stop it or I’ll sic Yor on you.

(unless you’re into that, I mean…)

Desert Pimp

This is not an aftermarket job; Magnum Research sells it this way.


Playing possum

Had a possum scratching at my back door Monday night. I imagine he was attracted by the lingering odor of chicken in my smoker (27 brined and rubbed thighs that will be devoured by family and friends if I don’t beat them to it), but I thought it was interesting that he was scratching at the door, not the smoker, and that he held his ground when I turned on the lights, made noise, and even opened the door. It wasn’t until I started to step out that he ambled off to the far edge of the patio.

It was like he was expecting a handout, so I suppose I ought to ask the former owner’s son next time I see him, “did your dad feed the possums?”.


I had half a dozen bird strikes on my front windows Wednesday. I kept thinking it was knocking by the FedEx driver I was waiting on for a signature-required package.

(the driver ended up just leaving the quite expensive package on the porch without bothering to ask for a signature, once again making me glad that my driveway is highly resistant to porch pirates)

As part of my prep for the (finally!) upcoming trip to Japan, I now have a Sony A7S III full-frame camera body that goes up to ISO 409,600, as well as a 50mm f/1.2 lens. If I can see it, I can take a picture.

No anime for you! had Flatcat & Sword premiering yesterday, but apparently that’s only on one network in Japan, and it doesn’t even show up as “coming soon” on HiDive yet. Everyone else is airing episode 1 next Wednesday, sigh.

(non-flat sword-bearing catgirl is unrelated)

Coming soon, Cute Girls Doing Yuri Things In Front Of A Man Who’s Been Reincarnated As An ASMR Microphone. Not an isekai, but it definitely takes place in a fantasy world, or at least a world that men fantasize about…

(no, not that kind of microphone)

AI-powered laser turret that kills cockroaches

We’ve seen where this leads…

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”