Spring Cleaning

Just tidying up before I go on vacation…

MyNoise favorite

I mentioned earlier that the only app that lost all its data when I restored from backup onto a new iPhone was MyNoise. Fortunately I only had one that really mattered, and I was able to reconstruct it from the version on my iPad.

The web version of it is here; it’s a simple mix of Japanese Garden, Temple Bells, and Wooden Chimes, and it does a great job of masking annoying noises that interfere with getting to sleep.

Well, for me, anyway; for all I know it’ll do the exact opposite for anyone else. 😁

“​…and we really mean it this time”

I think this is an illustration of Joe Biden’s chance of winning the Democrat primaries, but there are so many possibilities right now.



I’ll have to see if I can find one of these…

It’s kinda like a medical alert bracelet for a breaded pork cutlet deficiency.


Zen and the art of catnapping


Vacation funds secured…


Dear Amazon,

Are you sure this is for toddlers?

These two recommendations really go together…

Carefully eat machine translation

  1. The cucumber remains a stick, sprinkle with salt and rub.

  2. Rinse with water and wipe off the water with a cut-down bar.

  3. Put a cucumber and seasoning in a bag such as a flop. Pull out the air, Has schooled rub seasoning will go around evenly when closed.

  4. Put it in the refrigerator and marinate for half a day. I maceration to see you on the way.

  5. Discard the juicy and eat without washing away.