And here I thought…

…it was odd that a place named Yodobashi Camera sold washing machines…

(I apologize for invoking the Yodobashi jingle in anyone’s head, but hey, they sell booze online, and the web site does not play their song)


Looks Christmas-y to me…

Rule 34 Challenge: Ninja Sasquatch Idol

As this will be one of the few images to survive the coming Tumblr purge, we’d better get to work…


Avoid staffs felling out!

Every once in a while, Chinese companies selling direct on Amazon manage to amuse me. Sometimes it’s with their Boggle-dice fly-by-night company names, but usually it’s their “missed it by that much“ English…

“The cover will protect your stuffs from rain or dust, you can easily remove it when you don’t wanna use the cover.”

Interestingly, the body copy further down is all much cleaner English, from a company claiming to have been founded in San Jose. So there’s a bit of a disconnect here.

Every car needs one…

Do you have an oooooh button?


Obscure superpowers…

If it works with catgirls, this man is my hero.

Dear Amazon,

Even if this were being used metaphorically, I’d still have to call fail on filing “Ninja Skills” as a self-help book:

In related news, Steven Turnbull has disowned his earlier gullibilityshallow scholarship on the subject and written a new book that straightens out the mix of history, pulp fiction, and wishful thinking that created the myth of Ancient Ninja Secrets. Good stuff.

Idol trigger discipline

The Japanese remake of Charlie’s Angels was cut short when Mamiko Asō (center) accidentally blew her right ear off while shooting this promotional picture. (not really)


Even after this incident, her backup singers were a bit confused on the concept of gun safety…

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”