Chambered in .44 Lum

Call Of The Night 13 (fin)

In Which Our Animators resist the temptation to wrap it all up and take the high road, continuing the story at a reasonable pace in the full faith that they’ll get a second season, thus allowing Our Surprisingly Sophisticated Hero to calmly refuse Domestication, Death, and the D, and Our Rebellious Heroine to step up to the plate. While I wanted to see more of Our Smoking Nemesis, they chose not to ruin their chance of being able to tell a coherent story when/if they get another season.

Anko Encore:

Dry weekend

I count 11 anime premieres this weekend. I plan to watch 0.

Monday is A-Cup Alchemist, Wednesday is Flatcat & Sword, and nothing else is on my list yet.


I’ve had a lot of shipments coming in recently, and I’m used to some of them coming from company names that don’t match the web site. Some of them warn you about this up front, but some don’t, so I didn’t really pay attention when I saw a UPS notification from “Garff Enterprises”.

When I checked the notification, though, it was being delivered to an address in Arizona, and then I googled the company and found out it’s coming from a car dealership in Utah. And then I noticed that it was going to an iCloud email address, and realized that I must have another Evil Twin who thinks his email address is “jgreely@…”.

This time it appears to be a man slightly my senior named “James J Greely”, with addresses in Salt Lake and Chandler. If a really detailed “family tree now” site can be believed.

Switch mounting!

As I mentioned earlier, I lost the rack-mounting kit for my 24-port managed switch somewhere in the move, and the only people selling them, even on eBay, are in Australia, and while TP-Link’s knowledgebase directs you to their online store, they don’t actually sell it. So I sent email to their tech support address asking how to get one, and they’re shipping it to me for free.

Should be here Wednesday.

Dear Discord,

Please stop starting at boot on Windows 11. You’re not supposed to, and both your settings and the OS startup settings agree that you’re not supposed to, and I’ve completely uninstalled you once just in case, but you keep doing it, and I can’t find the double-secret-probation startup method you’re using. Stop it or I’ll sic Yor on you.

(unless you’re into that, I mean…)

Desert Pimp

This is not an aftermarket job; Magnum Research sells it this way.

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