Congealed Carry

Beast Tamer 2

Our Catgirl-Waifu’s rapid personality shifts would make a personal-injury lawyer cream his pants imagining all the whiplash lawsuits he could file.

Meanwhile, Our Mild-Mannered Hero had no idea that taming a member of a supreme species would grant him a full share of her super-duper physical powers, so now he’s a fucking superman in a fight. Naturally, this gets his pet pussy purring.

In other news, The Hero-Party Bitch Witch gets a clear explanation of just how special he always was, but refuses to believe it.

New haremette next week! As you can see from her fashion sense, Our Red-hot Dragon-waifu won’t settle for light petting.

Breaking bread

I’m not sure how I ended up with too much salt in my dough, but a single taste explained why the loaf didn’t look right coming out of the machine.

Fast service

I ordered a brick of 5.7x28 from LuckyGunner at 2:30 PM Friday. It arrived at 1:30 PM Saturday. Pity the extra PS90 mags I ordered last week (from somewhere else) aren’t here yet.

This is a very silly pistol. I like the idea of building a pistol around a 50-round PS90 mag, and at least they made it fully ambidextrous, but inverting the magazine puts the barrel way above your hand, as you can see in this NRA quick look video.

It’s apparently on the third or fourth hardware revision already, due to problems discovered (and apparently fixed under warranty) in the early shipments. But you wouldn’t know that unless you went looking on gun forums, because it’s not mentioned anywhere on their web site.

Also, it comes with a custom-fitted hard case, which you’ll have to either throw away or cut new foam for, because while the gun is specifically designed to use with add-on optical sights, the case has no room for them.


They dressed up Lum’s new voice actress to promote the series. I hope her voice is more enthusiastic than her cosplay; modeling is clearly not her chosen career path, and she doesn’t seem to have enjoyed the experience.

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