Pixiv artists I follow

I currently have 1,596 illustrations bookmarked on Pixiv. Almost all of those are from images included in my various cheesecake posts.

Periodically I update my follow list to include anyone I’ve blogged more than 3 images by. After the most recent update, that brings me to 325, listed alphabetically after the jump (recommended if you’re NSFW-shy, since clicking on either of the links above will fill your screen with cheesecake and other delights).

(and, no, I don’t have Brickmuppet’s Boy Problems, mostly because advertising on the Internet is something that happens to other people; every once in a while I see what popular sites like ZDnet look like for people without ad-blockers, and I run away screaming)



I knew that Google’s company culture was fucked up, but not that it was just a daycare center.

To pick on just one of the issues these people have, my feelings on the pronoun madness are pretty simple:

  1. Honestly, for 95% of the people I meet, at work or elsewhere, I forget their names within five minutes, so demanding at gunpoint that I remember their invented pronouns is just never gonna happen. I can’t tell you the names of the people who’ve been my neighbors for the past twenty years, and they all know mine!

  2. Forms of address are a courtesy and/or a sign of respect, and neither discourtesy nor disrespect are crimes, particularly when the $other demanding compliance is $self rude and insulting.

  3. “Okay, $other, my pronouns are: normal, normal’s, normself; use them or else!”


(yes, I wrote a generalized hello-sticker-making Perl script using PDF::Cairo…)

Acute mercury poisoning…

There is no cure.

“Hmmm, those guys in the iron carriages have a mage? And an elf shaman? And… Rory Mercury?!?”

“Fetch me my brown armor!”

— Princess Piña Co Lada (loosely translated)

Slower than cheesecake…

Illustrator Yuu Shirousagi seems to have mostly abandoned posting cheesecake on Pixiv, but maintains an active presence on Twitter.

I’m okay with only one pic every 18 months if it’s as interesting as this one. It definitely passes my “want to read a novel with this cover” test.

A Certain Scientific Superhero

We fits


Early Japanese drone technology

Honestly, I’m surprised Thanko doesn’t make this gadget…


A Certain Scientific Lovely Angel

Well, this won’t end well…