At the USENIX contest for “name your favorite proposed window manager feature,” whose results were announced at 2pm yesterday, one of the entries of note was ‘dbwm,’ the Dan Bernstein window manager: it argues with you for 10 weeks whenever you want to move a window.

— Tom Christiansen

Applied Topology

No black hole jokes, please.


Dear Amazon,

Yeah, self-help is a much better term than self-abuse…

Stop. Just…stop.

I forgot to bitch about this when I first saw it…

New in Emacs 26.1:

** The Emacs server now has socket-launching support. This allows
socket based activation, where an external process like systemd can
invoke the Emacs server process upon a socket connection event and
hand the socket over to Emacs. Emacs uses this socket to service
emacsclient commands. This new functionality can be disabled with the
configure option '--disable-libsystemd'.

** A systemd user unit file is provided. Use it in the standard way:
'systemctl --user enable emacs'.

Honestly, I never saw the attraction of emacsclient in the first place. I open text editors in terminal windows, like Zod intended, and I edit text files in them. My entire .emacs file is devoted to turning off all ‘features’ unrelated to editing text.


I should mention that Emacs also has launchd integration on the Mac, which I’ll never use. It’s the systemd part that bugs me; it’s like what you’d get if you crossed kudzu and cockroaches. Note: do not mention this within earshot of Lennart Poettering. He might try it!

Dieting tip…

After carefully determining that your pizza recipe is compatible with your new diet if you only eat half of it split across two meals, it’s important to put the other half away as soon as possible. Out of sight. Uncut. In someone else’s fridge.

I’m not worried about gaining weight while we’re in Japan, because last time it was just my sister and me, we averaged about 18 miles of walking per day, and Japan is not flat. A lot of my diet/workout plan right now is focused on my knees so I’m up to the challenge.

Sadly, my lasagna recipe isn’t compatible with any diet. Especially if I’m alone in the house with it. 😁

The best part about finding cool stuff online…

…is realizing, “hey, we can go there next month!”.


Related, I just happened to stumble across Good Samaritan Club, a group of college-student volunteer guides who will work with you to set up a custom tour in exchange for a chance to practice their English; you just need to pay for their tickets and meals. Might come in handy for some of the out-of-the-way places we’re thinking of going. Or just open up some options for my sister to spend a day without me.

Variations on a theme…

If I hadn’t already deleted my Twitter account, I’d go courting bans












Hmmmm, would you get banned from Twitter if you remade this song as “learn to code”?

Dear Uber,

It’s fine that you think I need a side gig, and I’m sure you mail this to a lot of your used-Uber-only-once customers, but I think I should point out that this deal is not the least bit attractive for someone who lives two hours south of San Francisco. And that’s with little or no traffic.

Dear Marvel,

Please make the next Spiderverse movie 90% Peni.

…and 60% Gwen.

Also, please make the next Spiderverse movie.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”