“I appreciate that you think I’m deep and all, but really, I’m just trying to steal from you.”

— Sam Summarizes Socialism

A.G. Russell, R.I.P

Knife-industry giant and all-around gentleman A.G Russell III has passed. Nothing yet on the web site, but email has gone out to long-time customers.

Yes, I want fries with that

Nilawan Iamchuasawad offers excellent fry-service…


The trouble with CAPTCHAs…

…is that they block robots.



They’re not spinning the results of Elizabeth Warren’s less-inconclusive-than-before DNA test correctly.

I mean, at 1/1024, she’s clearly a homeopathic Native American.

Dear ‘Miss Liberty’,

Strike that, reverse it:

“All this is told first-hand, from the perspective of Eli Steele, one of the round pegs that doesn’t fit into the square holes that the Left insists he choose from.”

So close.

Doctor MacGyver

Wow, I’ve really missed the “throw away perfectly good guns and make effective explosives out of sheer coincidence” trope.


Also, could you maybe tell the cameramen to back off a foot or six, to get more into the shot? Or are you just saving all the budget for later in the season?

On the bright side, the moon did not hatch into a giant spider that laid an egg the same size and mass as the moon.

Hey, where’s that water coming from?

Went outside to feed the neighborhood cat (down to Dumas these days), and found a large puddle of water on the front porch. Which is odd, since it’s covered and the faucet is down a step. And it didn’t rain last night.

Went into the garage and found the rest of the puddle, leaking out of the water heater. The smitty pan did a pretty good job of protecting the drywall, so it mostly went onto the concrete floor. I might lose some, well, nothing, actually. Money for the replacement, basically.

So this does not qualify as “knowing what it’s like” for people currently recovering from massive flooding

Dry Curry is…

Japanese Sloppy Joes. And not in a bad way.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”