“Anything’s good when it’s deep-fried, even brains.
Maybe especially brains.”

— James Lileks

Cheesecake: naked ribbon

A search tag that’s inherently NSFW, naked_ribbon also crosses over into bondage and “suggestive use of chocolate and frosting” that push many images beyond my self-imposed limits. There also seems to be some confusion regarding what is and is not a “ribbon”, as well as what qualifies as “wearing” it.


Doctor Who 10.9

After struggling to describe my reaction to the latest episode, the only word I can come up with is “perfunctory”.

Elf-Girls Gone Wild

DanSora 9

In which Lefiya’s hormones go viral, infecting Filvis, and we once again discover exactly where we are in Bell’s story.

Also, I didn’t check the credits, but Hestia’s voice sounded off. Different seiyÅ« for this cameo? [Update: no, it’s her; maybe she just didn’t get back into character for such a brief scene.]

Eromanga-sensei 10

Muramasa takes center stage, and takes over the ED with bikini shots, but what the hell is up with her face in profile? Cute from the front, WTF from the side.

Note to Pete: based on her instinctive use of her left hand to bonk Elf on the head, Love Rival Muramasa is definitely a southpaw, and since she’s such a traditional gal, I think the reason her right hand is always bandaged (besides “character design”) is what my Japanese teacher told me when she caught me with a brush in my left hand:

“Shodō is right-handed.”

(Im)Pure Imagination

Viewing the Honest Trailer for Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (featuring Michael Bolton) reminded me just how creepy the adult-child interactions are in that movie.

That got the song Pure Imagination running through my head, and things went downhill from there…

🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶
Come with me and you’ll see
what it’s like to live by child predation.
What you’ll find in their hearts
is fear, shame, and degradation.

To begin, take a spin
on one of my deviant creations.
Here your sins won’t require expiation.

If you want to do little kids,
I will teach you how to find them.
You can sneak up right behind them,
drag them to your van, then gag and bind them.

There’s a place you can go
to wallow in pure degeneration.
In my lair you’ll be free
to commit atrocities.
🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

What could possibly go wrong?

Scott reports, you decide:

My gaming laptop started getting really flaky (first one USB port went, then two more, then the wireless and HDMI out, etc) a couple of weeks ago, so I ordered a brand new Alienware 15. It arrived on Wednesday and I started the process of downloading and installing Windows updates, Steam, Fallout 4, etc. The only problem was that it kept going to sleep during the downloads. No matter what I changed in the power settings, it kept going to sleep.

As it turns out, some idiot at Dell thought it would be a good idea to install and enable by default eyeball tracking software that puts the laptop to sleep if you look away from it for “too long”. (Where “too long” is no more than a minute or two.) Needless to say, that package has been removed from the machine.

There’s a short story just begging to be written here, where an enterprising hacker releases ransomware that, instead of asking for bitcoins, hijacks the eye-tracking software and demands that you watch ads all day. Or just shouts “show your tits!” whenever it detects a college girl using a laptop.

Got Backups?


The quiet dignity of Morning Musume

This showed up on Takitumblr today, after being spotted on Twitter. It turns up in a lot of “wacky Japan” roundups going back years, and of course I immediately ID’d the color printer as Miki Fujimoto, a graduate of the Hello!Project School of Fashion. Seriously, who else are you going to hire to dress up like this?

Dear Apple,

Your recent announcement that 32-bit iOS apps will stop working in iOS 11 means that 58 of the apps on my iPhone won’t work. This includes all of my Japanese dictionaries, the best dice-roller app, quite a few paid games where your store policies give them no reason to do the upgrade work for free, the only decent barcode scanner (that is, it is both accurate and doesn’t auto-open store web pages to try to sell me what I just scanned), Google Earth, Hyperdia, all of AAA’s apps, and, perhaps most importantly, BrianAlarm, which wakes me with the gentle sound of Brian Blessed.

If I have to choose between iOS 11 and !!BRIAN!!BLESSED!!, guess who wins? 😏

There is a partial workaround, at least…

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”