“Travis is a man so dull he has other people’s nightmares.”

— Shamus reviews Silent Hill, Origins

Award-Winning Journalism!

Congratulations go out to Buzzfeed tonight, for digging a fake-news hole deeper than any that has come before! The icing on the cake is that one of their “journalists” never saw the supporting evidence for the story, and the other was serial fabulist Jason Leopold (no, seriously, they actually hired him). And they’ve stuck to their guns despite a categorical denial from Mueller’s Marauders.

For this capstone to a lifetime of non-achievement, I hereby give Buzzfeed:

The Bukkake Award for Fellatious Journalism

Because they’ve got more than egg on their faces now…

Flash back

More precisely, flash meter back, from the dead.

After I bought the little LitraPro LED light and started playing with it, I dug out my Minolta Flash Meter V (no actual digging was involved, but lots of box-shifting and rummaging over the course of about a week), only to discover that I left the battery inside last time I used it. Several years ago.

Vinegar and a q-tip cleaned out the visible corrosion in the battery compartment, but when I took the back off, I found more, and as soon as the vinegar started bubbling it off, the negative wire snapped off completely.

Fortunately we have a highly-skilled hardware team at the office, so I begged pretty-please, and Todd was willing to remove the old wire (the corrosion had wicked its way all the way to the main board) and solder on a new one.

Which is good, because the only real big-name company left in the flash-meter biz is Sekonic, and now I don’t have to spend ~$220 on a cool new one.

Oh, and as soon as I found the bad battery in the Minolta, I continued digging until I found my spot meter, and that one had been stored correctly without a battery. Whew.


Live-action Gakkou Gurashi movie:


Just because you can…

…doesn’t mean you should.



Classical Reference

Most-blogged Pixiv artists

Since switching to Pixiv as my primary 2D image source, I’ve been bookmarking every picture I blog. Last night, I hacked together another PixivPy script to figure out which artists I’ve blogged work from, sorted by number of images and whether or not I follow them. The core of the code looks more or less like this, for anyone who might want to play with PixivPy:

from pixivpy3 import *
aapi = AppPixivAPI()
aapi.auth(refresh_token = my_auth_token)
result = aapi.user_bookmarks_illust(aapi.user_id)
for i in result.illusts:
    if i.user.id == 0:
    if i.user.is_followed:
        # do stuff
        # do other stuff

while result.next_url:
    next_qs = aapi.parse_qs(result.next_url)
    result = aapi.user_bookmarks_illust(**next_qs)
    for i in result.illusts:
        if i.user.id == 0:
        if i.user.is_followed:
            # do stuff
            # do other stuff

(the i.user.id == 0 check was discovered through old-school printf debugging; it’s the only place in the API where I’ve needed something like that so far)

The most-blogged artists list currently looks like this:

5立羽 @ 3日目 西れ-29a

Got Sprinkles?

Decisions, decisions…

Incompetence or enemy action?

“Embrace the healing power of ‘and’”.

The latest in shutdown theater is expiring SSL certs for government web sites. Either they didn’t bother to order new certs for all the sites they knew were expiring soon, or they deliberately didn’t install them.

Reminder: today’s is the first paycheck that’s delayed for federal employees. Any work they’ve skipped the past few weeks has been by choice.

Zombie Moon

I got nothing, so here’s some cute dead girls doing cute dead things.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”