“​…Engines which couldn’t pull a lesbian off your sister…”

— WhackingDay on Harley Davidson


Tearmoon, episode 10

In which rabble are roused, cliffs are hung, and history doesn’t quite repeat itself but definitely rhymes. Our Wandering Princess manages to get herself delivered right to the spot where she can accidentally do the most good, while Our Undercover Angel is rescued from a fate worse than death by Our Maturing Love Interest, just in time for her to pigeon off both truth and lies.

Verdict: with two more episodes left, this smells like we’re in for a rushed wrapup.

Rerun’s Special Magic, episode 10

Wait, Our Gay Bunnyboy has started wearing thigh-highs now? Seriously? And Our Shaggy-Browed Valkyrie went out in public without them? Meanwhile, I’m not surprised that Our Domesticated Tsuntail has terrible fashion sense that restrains her Gainaxing, just disappointed. Add in air-hockey bonding, workout bonding, classroom bonding, and an out-of-the-blue reveal of Things Our Rewound Hero Should Definitely Not Know, and we’re setting up big plot events with two episodes to go.

Verdict: with no hope for fan-service or Her, I’m down to morbid curiousity about how they wrap this up in two more episodes.

(wrapping-up technique is definitely unrelated; they’d probably put Bunnyboy under Desir’s tree, or more likely the other way around)

The Apothecary Diaries, episode 10

Gyokuyou continues to delight, catching Jinshi in the act as he tries to renegotiate his relationship with Maomao. It looks like it’s reached the point that poor Gaoshun has more respect for Maomao than for his master these days. Speaking of which, for all her talk about their relative statuses, she didn’t hesitate to smack his hand away when he grabbed her.

Verdict: unlike the other two shows, when the plot thickens in this one, we can relax and let it develop over the next season. Bonus for Maomao seriously considering kneeing Jinshi in the balls, before remembering he doesn’t have any. Pretty sure she’d have gotten a big shock if she’d tried it, though.

(I lol’d when she discovered her dad was a “former eunuch”; I knew what she meant, but…)

LLMs get the best drugs

Hallucinogenerators, you might say…


“There's no I in AI...”

S-Rank Daddy’s Girl, episode 11

You’re not going to believe this, but Our Homesick Daughter was packing up for a fall visit home when suddenly guild business delayed her long enough for winter to completely cancel the trip. Unpossible, amiright?

For safety’s sake, she leaves The Trouble Twins with her gal-pals, which is sure to trip a few flags, but fortunately Our Haunted Dad has decided to finally face his past and seek out his old adventuring friends, so he wouldn’t have been home anyway.

Meanwhile, one of said friends is haunted by his own memories from those days, killing time in the county jail by cadging booze from little girls in exchange for adventuring stories.

Verdict: Our Best Catgirl in a clingy dress? Sold! The problem is, we’ve only got two episodes left, and there are a lot of balls in the air. Are they going to awkwardly wrap it up or try for a second cour?

(wrong catgirl, but she’ll do in a pinch)

Frieren, episode 14

In which love is in the air. Literally. Also, Himmel was a sly dog.

Verdict: Pouty Fern! Happy Fern! Sneaky Frieren! Smiley Frieren!

Gate manga, volumes 7-9

These (7, 8, 9) quietly slipped out on November 30, so they’ve slowed the release pace quite a bit, but haven’t stopped. Spiffy.


Homebrew’s decision to move everything from /usr/local to /opt/homebrew got even more annoying when neither Perlbrew nor Plenv could successfully build XS modules with internally consistent libraries. When I started working through the issues with SVG and Pango in PDF::Cairo, I ended up with a busted install that would try to mix the libgtk from Homebrew with an older libglib that it found somewhere in the file system. Apparently instead of having predictable (if often insecure) library-path environment variables, MacOS has gone to a caching system where the first copy found wins, non-deterministically; the suggestions I’ve found mostly require scrubbing the disk of all duplicate libraries (I count at least 13 copies of libglib, most of them embedded in apps), deleting the cache, and rebooting.

So for now I’m installing all modules directly into Homebrew’s perl, and re-installing all of them every time there’s a minor version update (local::lib currently isn’t playing well with Homebrew’s perl at the moment, either, sigh). I haven’t had the time to completely untangle everything yet, because Christmas prep and job interviews have first pick of my brain cells.

(Oh, have I failed to mention the job-hunting? Yeah, someone thinks half of my team can be replaced with new hires at the Prague office. Magic 8-Ball says “good luck with that”)

Dear Llama-2-7B-chat (MLX),

Don’t quit your day job:

“tell me a story about catgirls” (5000 tokens)

(note: the mlx-example script defaults to a constant seed, so that the output is repeatable; if you like what you get, you can simply repeat it with a larger number of tokens)


Dear Unknown Christian...

FYI, if you want to wrap Chick tracts in a Christmas card and send them to complete strangers in another state, choose a card that is not covered with loose glitter. They may still hate you, but you won’t inspire the rage that comes from forcing them to spend the next week vacuuming and wiping down every surface between the mailbox and the recycling bin.

Shy, episode 10

Remember when there were other characters in this show? Nah, me neither. Anyway, with only two more episodes to go, it looks like this Russian winter will never end.

Verdict: honestly, all this episode really had to offer was a few ass-shots. And not flattering ones.

(I’m struggling to even remember the name of this character who used to be in the show)


I just watched the trailer for the new GTA6 game. It is filled with exquisitely rendered ugly people. I’d have to downgrade my graphics card in order to play it without losing sanity points, perhaps all the way to the handful of polygons in Interstate ’76.

(I’d love to see an HD remaster of I76)

Revolution, thigh-highs, and sweet salty death

Tearmoon, episode 9

In which Our Surviving Princess is running without a script, and is so shocked by unpredicted events that her inner monologue reverts to her grown-up voice. Last week, it was revealed that it hasn’t just been Bad Luck sending her to the guillotine, but the work of shadowy figures shadowing around in the shadows, and that she’d frustrated them enough to force a change of target. This week we find out what the new target is: Mia’s Boytoy’s Kingdom.

Verdict: they crammed a lot into this one, to the point that it felt like a double-length episode. I expect they’ll finish out the season with the Renmo Revolution, and then airdrop The Big Surprise in during the final scene of episode 12.

Rerun’s Special Magic, episode 9

The good news is that the tournament ended, with Our Smirking Hero’s Smirk narrowly defeating Our Ice Princess’ Absolute Territory. Meanwhile, Our Dastardly Duo kept delaying their attacks long enough for Tsuntail And Bunnyboy to sleaze a victory. In other news, foreshadowing of doom!

Verdict: Romantica escaped from her cursed school blouse, and they promise to let her play dress-up next week as well, so I won’t drop the show yet. Even if she’s not the girl I’m looking for.

(Princess Stompyboots is once again standing in for Our Missing Redheaded Senpai)

The Apothecary Diaries, episode 9

If you’d asked me for a list of things not to expect in this show, an insert song playing over a montage of suicides and murders would be pretty close to the top. But it happened anyway.

Maomao being a secret lush would be up there, too. And that also happened.

Verdict: interesting change in the relationship dynamics between Jinshi and Maomao, with her speaking truth to power (sober!) and him acknowledging the gulf between them. This is also the first time they’ve really revealed the scope of his job.


I named the M2 MacBook Air Maomao. After all, it’s built on top of Eunuchs.


(no, not that one)

S-Rank Daddy’s Girl, episode 10

Our Self-Proclaimed Big Sister got a little carried away and lost track of the basics, while Our Repentant Little Sister learned that not everyone in the clergy is corrupt and horrible. Meanwhile, Our Mystery Villain black-pills the town and Our Coughing Granny tosses spells like there’s no tomorrow. Our Favorite Dad? He’s busy with domestic duties and suddenly remembering His One True Love, thanks to a timely question from Our Daisy-Dukes-Equipped Elf Princess.

Verdict: ran out of money for the character art, did we? Decent material, just drawn… differently. On the bright side, they set the hook for a second season: reuniting Bel with his old adventuring party.

(two true loves are unrelated)

Frieren, episode 13

In which Our Heroes suck at recruitment, and Frieren fails her Seduction roll.

Verdict: I’m with Himmel on this one…

(rare fan-art of Fern where the burger is bigger than her head…)

Promised sequels

So in January we get at least a dozen Nth seasons of various shows (including McPharmacist And Waifu 2), but what about all of these?

  • Tanya The Evil 2
  • Slime-Killing Witch 2
  • Flatcat And Sword 2
  • Gun Gale Online 2
  • Vending Machine 2

In other news, let’s do the Spice Wolf again!.

Cheesecake Vault, February 2019

My working theory is that Japanese glamour photographers use wide-angle lenses because it’s the only time they get to stand so close to women. Well, that and it compensates for the flat asses.

(okay, so a lot of indoor shoots are done in hotel rooms that are tight on space, but they do it outdoors, too; I think I’m a lot more sensitive to perspective distortion than most, because clearly their audience doesn’t mind)


🎶 One of these things is not like the other...

Dear Amazon, how much were you paid to recommend this?

(classical reference)

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”