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We’re starting to see final episodes this week, but of the ones I’m still watching, it’s only Nephy. Next week, Train Gals and Nut Salad end. Week after, it’s Level 2 and Kaiju 8. Slime Talk and Spicy Wolf both continue uninterrupted into next season.

Ah, My Train Goddesses!, episode 11

Everything’s falling into place. Or crashing into the end of the tracks. Or both. Our Train Gals finally see what Our MacGuffin Princess has become, but even with the help of Our Slightly Less Wibbly-Wobbly Conductor and Our Hot Little Doctor, they’re still missing a piece of the puzzle, and while Our Zombie Queen’s Army helps them find the magic button, the solution isn’t as simple as promised.

Verdict: well, here we go. Will the final episode wrap it up neatly or fall to pieces?

(hey, look, fan-art! and they’re not tied up or anatomically implausible!)

Level 2 Cheat Boy, episode 10

This week, “Kicking Myself Out Of The Demon King’s Army, I Took My Logistics Officer With Me To Live The Slow Life, Because That’s Kinda How That Trope Works, Right?”

Our Insecure Crush-Denying Knight Gal is of course opposed to letting them move in, but everyone else is down with the idea, so we spend time dealin’ with feelins’ before cutting to the miraculous offscreen escape of Our Idiot Former Hero And His Unsupported Support Gal.

Verdict: demon catgirl in civvies made up for a lot, and the promise of hot-springs cheesecake and hot genie-on-witch action next week have potential… if I didn’t already know what happens at the resort.

(not the new Demon Lord, sadly)

Spice Up The Wolf, episode 11

Did I say it was a bad plan? Yeah, and that was before they discovered Something in the forest. Our Little Blonde Smuggle-Bunny is being fed to the wolves, not the kind with four legs, and Our Desperate Merchant is helpless to help her, what with being fed to the four-legged variety himself. And Our Wise Wolf Waifu, who came up with this plan in the first place, has no idea what’s happening to either of them.

Verdict: cliff, meet hanger.

“Road rage”, huh?

Wednesday morning, well after rush hour, there was an incident on I-675 near Beavercreek (~17 miles away from my place) in which a still-unidentified male person driving a Ford hatchback shot at and injured a still-unidentified male person driving a Ford van, resulting in a treated-and-released injury. Person-of-Fordness #2 shot back, putting multiple holes in the first vehicle while apparently not injuring the driver, and then got off the highway and called 911.

Five days ago, and not a name, photo, vague description, political affiliation, group membership, known associate, or list of previous arrests for either party. And yet, the stories clearly state that the police interviewed both men, and they have 911 audio from one of them.

So we can be pretty sure that they’re not Trump voters or legal gun owners, three facts that would be prominently mentioned in every story.

Seriously, this story has holes big enough to drive a Ford through.

Direct quotes from the 911 call:

“I was just driving and this guy was flying up on my tail end, starts flipping me off in the mirror. I put my arm like ‘What I do?’ and he then gets on the side of me and points a gun at me.”

“I shot back at him and he hit me.”

This is the high-speed equivalent of “standing on a corner minding my own business”, and glosses over the whole “I had my gun where I could easily grab it while driving down the highway” (which, while technically legal in Ohio, is unusual for someone carrying legally, and especially unlikely at 10:20 AM). Also the part where his immediate response to being shot at while driving was to shoot back.


Every time I restart my browser, xTwitter forgets that dark mode is ugly as fuck and a sin against legibility. I understand that privacy mode causes the browser to forget local storage between sessions, but when xTwitter themselves calls black-text-on-white the “default”, it should not do the exact opposite every time, especially since dank mode is disabled everywhere. And when the appropriate setting is filed under “Accessibility”, why is it browser-specific instead of account-wide? Do they think your vision changes when you look at other screens?

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