“​‘Moral?’ The outworn hypocrisy of ‘morality’ is for the weak and foolish. We live in a modern, dynamic, masculine society. It is free and independent — it needs nothing but itself.”

“Are you saying it can’t get a date?”

— Leutnant Winzig and Udo, from The Desert Peach

Pixiv: Ass Goddesses

But my opinion is firm: it takes a lot of cheek to tag a girl with 尻神様, so you’ll need to back that up, even if you have to bend over backwards to round up proof that a candidate is ripe to make the cutoff short list. Rear views only, nothing half-assed, and don’t make any cracks about rump sessions, or it’ll all go pear-shaped.

Moon. Buns. Bottom. Behind. Bum. Tush. Fanny.


Junior sizes, please!

One of my favorite quotes applies here: “Anyone who takes this seriously deserves to.”

(via one of the many people offended by this, tee-hee)

[Update: surprisingly unprepared for the descent of an angry mob, the vendor has removed the outfit. This is why we can’t have naughty things.]

Honest Dictionary Entries…

Literary Science Fiction: “No academic publisher would take it, so I threw in five lines about time travel and sold it to Asimov’s.”
See also Atwood, Margaret.


Spaghetti with classmeat

The real WTF is that it comes with a cabbage-broccoli salad.


[for the kana-deprived, the menu item is for “spaghetti meat sauce”, served with one of: beef, pork, ham, or classmate]

“What is that?”

“It’s priest, have a little priest.”

“Is it really good?”

“Sir, it’s too good, at least.”


A Balanced Diet

Not pictured: the fourth food group, alcohol.

“Cheap ain’t easy”


Dear Dianne Feinstein…

Yeah, what he said.

OMC: Yuka Ogura

Yuka Ogura (小倉優香). Age 20. Yum.

I could stare at this smiley cutie for days. In fact, that’s why it took me so long to post this…


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”