“Want to close wage gap? Step one: Change your major from feminist dance therapy to electrical engineering.”

— Christina Sommers

The Rise of the Udon Hero

Clearly Nissin is missing the opportunity for a new round of tanuki soba commercials…

There are actually more of these. With a final twist.


I spoke too soon. In the words of Londo Mollari, “there are more of you!”.

Thanko: Electric Snuggie

The penguin is in the picture so you know what it looks like when you’re waddling around the house in your wearable kotatsu. This is one of the rare Thanko products that actually looks like a good idea, if it works (and doesn’t, y’know, catch on fire, as many cheap electric blankets are prone to doing these days).

A Certain Scientific Pokemon…

“Hero Wanted…”

”…apply within.”

“No, no, you’re supposed to hit Xenia!”

Got texts this morning from hometown family members, reporting all-is-well from the Dayton-area ‘tornado outbreak’.

Pixiv: Belfast (Azur Lane)

If I had to pick a favorite shipgirl, and perhaps I just did, it would be Belfast from Azur Lane, a light cruiser with big guns. And a maid costume.

And she’s almost never, ever safe for work.



Tomomi Morisaki steps up with a simple, clean approach to cosplaying Reiwa-chan:


Dear Perl maintainers,

Many years ago, I took the advice of the perlunicode manpage and defined a custom regular-expression class for identifying strings that only have kana and not kanji with the \p{...} construct:

sub InKana {
	return <<END;

This (and all the other methods in the docs) stopped working somewhere between 5.20.2 and 5.28.0, and there is not even the slightest hint anywhere as to why.

Why? Because there is now a predefined InKana class, not equivalent to the above definition, and the above code is simply ignored. You have to change the name to something, anything else; I chose InHirakata, and my code started working again.

And that’s an hour of my life I want back.

Bug filed; RT #134146.