Slapstick week

Not Nearly Enough Nephy, episode 11

As usual, the music knocks you right out of the story, until they resolve the leftover plot points and the whole thing devolves into slapstick. So, rather than fitting the music to the show, they eventually just fit the show to the music. Yeah.

This was not the last episode, but with pretty much everything wrapped up, what will they do next week?

Verdict: one big happy family, with terrible taste in music.

Nut Salad, episode 10

In which the camera loves Our Bountiful Knight, but the animators hate us. Our Overfamiliar Cult Leader loves her as well, but we’re not allowed to see that, either. Good thing for Livia that the figurines they’re making aren’t flavored…

Meanwhile, over in Our Loli Lawyer’s fertile imagination, Our Magical Daughter plays the cock-blocker for her plans to win the heart of Our Detective Daddy. Then she solicits the aid of her unknowing love rival, Our Slutty Detective, and gets cock-blocked again, this time by Our First Friend’s home cooking.

Gotta say, as unrequited lovers go, Noa’s definitely winning, keeping Livia as a well-fondled pet.

Verdict: they’re making it pretty clear that Livia’s nude scenes will not be enhanced for Bluray. That’s pretty much the only negative for this show, and I can only hope that fan-artists pitch in to deliver the goodies.

Slime, Interrupted 3, episode 10

After pretty much skipping over the fate of Our Holy Knight Gal last week, except to say that healing magic doesn’t work on her, I was wondering if they’d actually resolve it this time, or drag it out again. Either way, I expected lots of talking.

And we got it. Honestly, it’s amazing how Our Obvious Bad Guys manage to so thoroughly twirl their mustaches while their heads remain completely masked. Even while shouting out their invincible attacks that don’t manage to hurt anyone before being unceremoniously killed off. Then there’s more talking, and the promise of more talking next week. Oh, and a flashback to Hinata’s sad school life. And slapstick. Because nothing sets the mood like tonal whiplash.

Verdict: Oh, the hot nekkid vampire chick? She shows up covered from neck to ankle in a goth-loli dress, but at least we get to see her stripped for the hot springs bath. Self-censored. As a panned still. In a series of panned stills mostly consisting of naked men.

(there may come a time when seasons will be filled with well-written, well-paced anime; but not this season)

🎶 Fifty ways to use a schoolgirl 🎶

Every once in a while you come across a fan-artist with dedication. Like rendering the 48 positions of the “Japanese kama sutra” ( 四十八手) with high school girls and tentacle monsters.

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