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Kaiju-goo-goo: Too Shy, episode 8

Our Slashy Vice-Captain is as tough as he thinks he is, making for a serious one-on-one fight. Fortunately he doesn’t put the clues together in time that would have led him to switch from monster-fighting mode to human-fighting, allowing Our Hysterical Hero to escape and get chewed out by Our Collaborating Tsuntail. Then we learn more about Our Trope-Driven Teammates at the after-party, and Kafka sticks his foot in his mouth again in front of Our Hot Childhood Friend Captain.

Verdict: I still don’t have any interest in the trope gang, but the main trio is developing nicely. And I want to know why glasses-girl is featured in the end credits but has barely had any screen time.

(speaking of nicely-developed…)

Mook Versus World, episode 8

Half of the story this week is Our Angry But Trite God going on a slow, talky killing spree, but the other half is the still-going tournament arc, and I still don’t care what happens to these people.

Verdict: losing interest.

(unrelated losing heroine is unrelated, but cute)

Now Avoiding: Country Farms Fiber Care Gummies

Costco switched brands on their fiber chewables, and the new ones are so sticky they ripped out two of my crowns. Sadly, one got swallowed and the other came out broken, so that’s gonna be about $700 for brand new ones. That’s after insurance; fortunately I have plenty of cash in my HSA account(s).

Dear Max,

Check your calendar:

(the correct date in the associated email is July 5, 2024)

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