Oh, snap!

Trainsplotting, episode 10

The shouty went to 11 this week, between the brief family reunion and the over-extended manga parody/exposition. But at least we got Our Snapping Tan Gal to promise sexy violence.

Verdict: the manga parodies did nothing for me.

(“…and that’s the only train I’ll ever pull!”)

Level 2 Cheat Boy, episode 9

Yes, there is an actual plot now. We’ve got war, civil war, heroics, virgin sacrifices, and Our Power Couple openly discussing the possibility of producing children. Pro tip: you’ll find breeding a lot easier if you stop sleeping in beds that are ten feet apart.

Verdict: not sure what they’ve chosen as the stopping point for this, but we’re getting closer.

(needs red under-rim glasses, but otherwise an acceptable substitute for Our Demon Lord’s Jealous Little Brother’s Right-Hand Gal)

Hungry Like The Wolf-Waifu, episode 10

Finally! Although of course Holo pretends she was just teasing. Anyway, she has a plan for escaping from the debt trap, and while I think it is in fact a terrible plan, hey, at least there was some cuddling. Next week, Undercover Blonde!

(Clara isn’t the only one whose apples are the perfect size)

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