Thinning the herd

Kaiju Ate, episode 9

Yet Another Humanoid Kaiju shows up, this time leading an air raid on the base. The team pulls together, but even with anatomical advice from Our Transmonster Hero, it takes the upgraded power of Our Axe-Crazy Tsuntail to thin the herd with the help of Our Clever Sidekick (who is now the frontrunner for pounding her through a mattress after this fight’s over. Or the other way around; she seems the type to insist on being on top).

Meanwhile, Our Slashy Vice-Captain manages to go mano-a-kaiju with the boss monster who wants to eat him, and even seems to be winning until it goes Full ’Zilla on him.

Verdict: Big action fight with a cliffhanger? I feel a full transformation coming on next week.

(nobody does axe-crazy like Rory Mercury…)

Rangers Lost, episode 9

It’s a big battle between Team StrongJerk and Team CleverJerk, and I don’t care who wins. Maybe if they’d upped the ante by working some MCSAs into the action, showing that they know how to draw hot chicks wearing something other than clunky jumpsuits. But no, in this universe, combat uniforms are designed to actually protect the wearer from being stripped. Baffling.

Anyhoo, more flashbacks to slightly flesh out the spear-carriers in the tournament arc, while the Big Bad Boss is off licking his wounds. Our Closet Mook becomes a bit more engaged and sympathetic, but also gets tortured, so win some, lose some.

Verdict: oh, well, at least we’ll always have the OP and ED. I think I’m done here.

(with the endless garage-based tournament arc full of boring shouty idiots, I’m starting to miss these two…)

Better luck next season?

Promo trailers are starting to trickle out. It’s not looking good so far. And I’m including the fact that Slime will continue.

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