One down, one delayed

Delay of Train

We’ll have to wait an extra week for the last episode.

Nephy Life, fin

Since they ran out of plot and spent this episode wrapping things up, the goofy music wasn’t inappropriate, just at the usual excessive volume. Foll nailed it when she commented on how unlikely it is that Our Happy Couple will kiss any time soon (measured in decades).

Verdict: a decent time-waster of a show. I didn’t expect much, and I got surprisingly good voice acting and a decent ED song.

Nut Salad, episode 11

Finally, the debut of the finished cast-off Livia doll, complete with pubic hair so authentic that Our Magical Daughter’s remaining innocence took a mighty blow. We’ve skipped straight to Christmas, by the way, largely to get Livia into a Santa bikini. Then the Gifu tourist board solicited an ad for the aquarium, Our Bad Girls In Love discover that it’s not as easy as it looks, and finally we tie up the loose end of Our Helpful Homeless Guy, who provides a solution to Our Girl Band’s vocal conflict.

Verdict: I’m going to miss this one when it’s over.

Regression To The Slime 3, episode 11

You’ll never believe this, but this week they sit around a table and talk, filling in lots of little details of things that could have happened on-screen, but are instead just a list of tell-don’t-show checkboxes.

Verdict: I expect to be too busy next season to even use this as background noise.

(still no explanation for why the nekkid vampire chick was rubbing herself against a cryo-coffin a few weeks back)

“Oh, I get it now”

Re-read a Terry Pratchett novel a few days ago. Just got one of the jokes as I was waking up this morning.

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