“What’s the name for the fallacy where you assume everyone who disagrees with you is guilty of a fallacy?”


— Vernunft and mw, in the comments on Marginal Revolution

Dear Amazon,

Wait, Amazon Prime Video was also streaming Interspecies Reviewers?!? And didn’t pull it until today?

Seriously, there is nothing subtle about the premise of this show, and even an extremely tame adaptation would have aroused… “controversy”. Anyone paying even the faintest attention to the pre-release marketing in Japan knew what was, um, coming.

Unrelated, here are my latest amusing Amazon recommendations:

Creeping featurism, Jira plugin edition…

So there’s a third-party plugin for Jira called “Git Integration for Jira”, whose description claims that all it does is query your Gitlab server and display links to the commits that reference the current Jira issue.

Nowhere does it mention that it also defaults to sending warning emails to addresses mentioned in the commits, even if they don’t map to any of your Jira users.

Like, say, the Freeswitch mailing list.

The initial helpdesk ticket wasn’t terribly useful in figuring this out, since it consisted of a screenshot of someone’s inbox that didn’t include their email address or even a full subject line, much less something useful like, say, complete email headers. It took three rounds with one of our local devs to elicit the keywords “git integration plugin”, “project key FS”, and “smart commits”.

That last bit is what let me know I was looking at the correct configuration screen, since it’s right above the feature to randomly send email to addresses scraped from the git commit.

Okay, Game Freak…

Tired of one-third of all raids being G-max Alcremie for the past month? Good news! Now half of all raids are Milcery, plus a chance at the item that turns them into… (wait for it…) G-max Alcremie.

Sitting at home sick yesterday and today, I’ve gotten at least sixteen of them so far. In fairness, the pre-evolved ones all had strawberries, and this event is handing out all the other candies, so you can fill out the full set of 63, if you’re into that sort of thing.

It appears that this is heavily biased toward low-level characters, and people who’ve finished the story won’t see quite as many of them. I had whimsically decided to level up a second profile in Japanese far enough to catch some Dittos, so I’m drowning in マホミル.

Unrelated, in anime news, Funimation belatedly realized that a show about men screwing whores was about men screwing whores, and ran away screaming. Interspecies Reviewers is no longer streaming legally in the US, or some other related streaming services internationally (apparently Sony bought up a lot of them).

Dear Amazon,

Conceptually, it hurts my brain to see PC cases listed as external components.

Then again, at least it’s not the ongoing dumpster fire that is “religion & spirituality”…

Meanwhile, since Amazon can’t manage to get a two-day delivery to me in a week, I’ll be spending the day working with the product that did arrive. It took a year and a half to get here, but unlike Amazon, they made it themselves.

Dear Apple,

On all of my Apple devices, Safari history is set to be deleted as soon as possible (“after one day”, because “when browser closes” isn’t an option). But when I open the “Show All History” screen on my Mac, it usually goes back days or weeks.

Worse, deleting it manually from this screen does not work. Entries keep getting re-synced back from iCloud that were deleted weeks ago, and that weren’t in the history on any device just an hour ago:

And this is why I don’t believe all your boasting about protecting customer privacy: you keep copies of my data in secret places you don’t tell me about or let me control.

The sad thing is that this is most likely incompetence rather than malice; you just can’t write sync code that works.

Dear Amazon,

At least you aren’t blaming this one on the Post Office…

Status at 8:30 AM:

Status at 9:30 AM:

Update: Friday at 6pm…

I didn’t even need to make a fresh screenshot. Still promised for Sunday, still hasn’t shipped.

Update: Saturday at 2pm 8pm 11pm…

Still not shipped, still supposed to arrive tomorrow. Given that only USPS typically does Sunday deliveries (or at least marks it as delivered and drops it off on Monday), I’m dying to know how they’re planning to get it to me.

Update: Sunday at 8:30am…

At what point does Amazon just admit they don’t have it and send the driver to Best Buy to pick one up?

Fuck it

Found it at the local Walmart for $20 less and canceled the Amazon order from my phone. This is an inversion of the natural order.

Helpful list for Pete…

Since his wife has polluted his search history with Japanese sewing terms, here are some more:

  • アクリル acrylic
  • アサ/麻 hemp (ヘンプ) or linen (リネン)
  • ウール/羊毛 wool
  • カシミヤ cashmere
  • カツラギ katsuragi (thick cotton but lighter than denim)
  • ガーゼ gauze
  • ギンガム gingham
  • ギンガムチェック gingham check
  • クレープ crepe
  • コーデュロイcorduroy
  • サテン satin
  • シャンタン shantung
  • シャンブレー chambray
  • シルク silk
  • シーティング sheeting
  • ジャカード jacquard
  • スウェッド suede
  • ソフトデニム soft denim
  • タフタ tafetta
  • ダブルガーゼ double gauze
  • チノクロス chino cloth
  • チュール tulle
  • フラノ flannel
  • ブロード broadcloth
  • ボイル voile
  • リネン linen
  • レース lace
  • レーヨン rayon
  • ローン lawn
  • ワッフル waffle
  • 厚手デニム thick denim
  • 帆布 canvas
  • 持ち手テープ acrylic tape for bag handles
  • 綿, コットン cotton

I haven’t been in the fabric district in Tokyo, but we did spend a merry hour in Nomura Tailor in Kyoto buying tablecloth fabric for our mom.

Pokémon evolution in action

Judging from the erotic fan art, I am far from the first person to think this…

Precocious Little Brat

Sweet 16


…and don’t tell me that some of them can be male. As a wise man once said, “it don’t matter when it’s Arcturian, baby”.