“That’s not one of meat’s many uses.”

— Ben, from Full Throttle

Pixiv Champloo 1

A little random selection to stir up my recommendations page…


Dear Fallout 76…

Your appeal is becoming more selective. This is rarely a way to improve sales.

Seriously, do you honestly think there’s a large potential audience that has passed this game over because the PvP isn’t obnoxious enough? That’s the hill you choose to die on in this franchise?

“P4V considered harmful…”

…to my sanity.

Manager set up a Perforce client on his Windows box, then we changed the directory that was set for its root. We could not get p4v to use the new directory. Even deleting the workspace, restarting the client, refreshing the workspaces, and creating a brand new workspace with the same name didn’t work. It still thought the files should be located in the non-existent directory from the earlier incarnation of the client.

We had to use a different client name to avoid this over-aggressive local cache of data it had no business caching in the first place.

Also, to make the process more funtedious, the client-editing window kept spontaneously resizing itself to be slightly taller than the screen, every time we opened it or tried to resize it to fit.


M.E.T.A. = Make Eloi Tasty Again

M.E.G.A. = Make Emos Grovel Again

M.E.L.T. = Mock Every Leftist Trigger

U.F.A.P. = Use Force Against Pussyhats

H.A.I.T. = Help ‘Activists’ Into Traffic

H.G.W.T. = Have Gun, Will Trigger


M.A.R.S. = Make Abortion Retroactive for Socialists

Trailer much?

About half of the Amazon reviews for Once Upon A Deadpool are complaints that it’s a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 with the framing device from The Princess Bride.

Which was the entire point, and was made painfully clear in the trailers. I’ve completely lost my ability to even.

3D Cheesecake 12

I either need to stop downloading or post faster. I’m up to 3.4 GB of living girls and nearly 6 GB of Pixiv. Maybe I’ll schedule a bunch of cheesecake for while I’m on vacation in April.


Names added for all but 5.5 pictures; the half is the cover photo of an AV film that doesn’t name the actresses. The other five stumped both Google and TinEye.


And here I thought…

…it was odd that a place named Yodobashi Camera sold washing machines…

(I apologize for invoking the Yodobashi jingle in anyone’s head, but hey, they sell booze online, and the web site does not play their song)

Pixiv: Mecha-bare

Robot girl takes it all off!

No, stop, put some of that back on.

Of course mecha-musume get mecha-bare, but in the keyword メカバレ (meka-baré), it comes from the verb bareru (“to be exposed”), so in context it’s a gal whose robotic parts are showing. Naturally, this will often also involve exposure of her more human parts as well.

Sadly, a simple search for メカバレ felt a lot like the old days of trying to pull cheesecake off of Gelbooru: I had to skip over lots of loli, bondage, rape, and loli-bondage-rape pics to find these. I allowed minor combat damage, but the more severe stuff was not appealing.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”