When we see womankind taking tobacco in the privacy of its own chamber, with its feet on the fender, and “none to supervise;” more particularly when we see it solacing itself with a pipe, then but not till then, shall we be forced to admit “the sex” to the privilege of full equality with us— a state of things which masculine prejudice still considers must be the highest circumstance of earthly bliss.

— from Tobacco Leaves, edited by John Bain Jr., 1903

Spring Cleaning

Just tidying up before I go on vacation…

“Oh, waitress…”

She clearly earns her tips.


Random cuteness

Just movin’ that Thanko pic down the page a bit…

The most Thanko product ever…

Yes, it’s a smartphone-powered nose-hair trimmer.

Sadly, not the Nekomimi Era…

With the new emperor’s ascension scheduled for May 1st, the era name has been announced: 令和 (Reiwa).

(and the artists of Pixiv are hard at work designing Reiwa-chan…)

Taste the rainbow…

Miyako Sono looks like a real sweettartheart:

Got pollen?

So, how’s the air today, Tokyo? Any issues you’d like to bring up?

Deus Ex Chibi

Endro! finishes strong.


Yes, last week’s Manaria Friends was the last episode. It did feel that way.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”