“Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it.”

— Brian Kernighan

Please Don’t Tell My Parents…

…that Penny’s story is over. Richard Roberts’ fifth tale of Penny Akk, Junior Supervillain, has finally been released, and it was worth putting up with his publisher’s three months of ominous silence.

In order:

Everything but the anthology containing Summer Of Lob is on Kindle Unlimited.

Tips for the day

When the HVAC people insist that the maintenance can be done with zero impact on the running server room, don’t believe them.

When they say no one will need to be onsite, don’t believe them.

When they say they’ll bring in adequate portable cooling to keep the temperature down, don’t believe them.

When they say that the additional portable cooler they’re rushing over should be enough, don’t believe them.

When they say that the even bigger unit that’s on the way should finally be enough, don’t believe them.

Surprisingly, the switches and NASes that passed out from heatstroke all recovered.

Too late, Dish!

Yesterday, I discovered that Dish Network stopped carrying TV Japan at the beginning of the month, replacing it with a really lame channel called Family Gekijyo. Today, my mail contained a letter from Dish:

Great news, on April 2, 2018, DISH is launching a new Japanese Pack! This will replace TV Japan. TV Japan has decided to remove their channel from your Dish TV programming line-up.

The new Japanese Pack will include the following channels:

  • Family Gekijyo: the international version of this popular Japanese channel is being created to offer general entertainment programming including, live action series, anime, documentaries and game shows. Plus, news programming to come!
  • MLB Network: this channel is the destination for baseball fans and offers live baseball, original programming, highlights, and insights and analysis.
  • Bloomberg Television: this channel offers the latest global business and markets news.

Translated to English: “we didn’t offer TV Japan enough to renew their contract and had to scramble to find something, anything, to replace it with. We know it’s crap, but we hope to string you along with two unrelated channels and a $5/month discount for three months so we don’t lose that sweet, sweet $25 you’ve been paying.”

Too late. If I can get it through Comcast Business (unclear if their TV offerings are the same as the consumer Xfinity), I’ll dump you completely. I could replace you with DirectTV, too, but that would be more of a hassle.

Ubuntu-powered sex toys

In beta now, Bionic Beaver. Next up should be Steely Dan; it fits their marketing strategy.

Well, that sucks

Turned on the TV for the first time in a few days, only to find that Dish Network has replaced TV Japan with something called “Family Gekijyo”, which looks like utter crap. I scrolled through several days of listings, and found a whole lot of ancient cartoons and not much else. And I don’t mean good ancient cartoons.

They’re still charging me $25/month for it. Or, rather, they were until I logged in and canceled it just now.

Now to decide if I might as well cancel the whole thing. I don’t like surprises, and there was very little worth watching anyway. Time to investigate TV Japan’s new streaming service, dLibrary Japan, I suppose…

On a related note, the SyFy Krypton series isn’t very good, but at least in the latest episode the male lead does more than pout and brood. Still, no one in the cast is giving me a reason to care if they live, die, breed, or get bottled. Dark Matter had better acting and better eye candy.

On an unrelated note, the Bluray release of Testament of Sister New Devil headlights highlights just how ridiculous that series was. I hadn’t seen the OVA before, but that just turned it up a notch. Honestly, Maria-chan is the only one whose figure isn’t udderly ridiculous (until she transforms at the end and joins the rest of the “more cowbell” club).

dLibrary Japan Update

Started the free trial. Selection is currently weak (mostly historical dramas and ‘comedy’ shows), but a lot better than “Family Gekijyo”, and much less expensive. No idea how good their streaming servers are yet, and they don’t seem to have a FireTV version of their app yet, so I have to watch on a smaller screen for now.

I’ve been wanting to watch Doctor-X anyway…

Unrelated, “gosh I wish I could update the config on my Harmony Hub; if only their servers were up”.

I may finally break down and see if I can get a FireTV registered to my Amazon Japan account and stream with Prime. Hopefully it doesn’t require a full-time VPN, and just connecting ‘from Japan’ once will do. Haven’t checked to see if they enforce a billing-address requirement for streaming, or if it just works like the Kindle where you need to have appeared to come from a Japanese address at least once.

Worst case, my sister will be frequently visiting Tokyo as part of her new job…

Cheesecake: 3D

Something different: cheesecake girls with a pulse. Not a representative sample, just some pleasant diversions that got saved to my laptop over the past few months…

Important Reminder:


Who knew?

Who knew the NRA was filled with female Iranian muslim vegan animal-rights-activist [update: refugee, too] bodybuilders?

Easter Dinner…

…at Galpão Gaucho in Cupertino with my sister. They’re new, so I’m willing to cut them some slack for not being as awesome as the one in Napa, but they need to up their game. And train all the servers to look at everyone’s yes/no card, not just the first one they see at the table. About half of them passed me by because they saw that my sister wasn’t ready for more meat yet, despite my card being clearly visible at the edge of the table.

We also hit the Daiso and Marukai in the same shopping center before dinner. Always a good time. (if you know the area, they took over the old Elephant Bar)

We, um, had to change the subject after a few quick passes on gun control and the Florida spokespuppets, but that was the only land-mine pot-hole in the conversational highway.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”