“Apart from the side-mounted railguns, I demand very little from my car but that it get me around in reasonable comfort and dubious safety.”

— J Greely, who has completely forgotten when, where, or why he said this

Cheesecake Champloo 4

A lot of the pictures that accumulate in the leftovers folder after I do a theme search on Gelbooru are rejected for facial expressions, excessively complex backgrounds, or not really being cheesecake. In general, I bias the posts toward “happy-sexy anime-style girls with simple backgrounds”, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t any good…


Hey, at least they’re not Peeps…


Grooming An American Loli

“​…and this week Doc is playing with Julie, Gopher is playing with Vicki, and Isaac’s got a big surprise for Captain Stubing!”


Winnie hits puberty…


Dear GNU Emacs,

Why did you remove count-lines-region and make the only option count-lines-page? How is counting Control-L-delimited “pages” useful as a default behavior?

Worse, the only way to get line-count from a region is now count-words-region, but that takes extra keystrokes to avoid invoking count-words. (yes, I know there are keyboard shortcuts; there are lots of keyboard shortcuts. I’ve never trusted them to be stable)

So, more workarounds in my .emacs file to turn Emacs back into a text editor. 😡 💩 🔥

United’s PR Roadmap



After Steven Den Beste died, some of the (many!) people who were concerned about the loss of his old web sites reached out to the family to try to recover the data from his server. I was pulled in because I was physically closest when it seemed like we might need someone to go to Portland to pick up the machine.

That wasn’t necessary, but since I was the one exchanging email with his brother, I was the one who ended up with a shiny little thumb drive containing the old Chizumatic site, and between that and the Wayback Machine, managed to synthesize a complete, functional website.

I packaged it all up, sent it to my not-so-secret allies, and then… nothing. This is not a criticism or complaint; everybody’s busy, and after that one energetic weekend, I hadn’t done anything about it, either.

But now I have a brand new virtual server at Amazon, where bandwidth is silly-cheap and disk space ain’t no big deal. And I’d already figured out the Nginx config to get the old server-side includes working.

So, this may not be the official permanent home of Steven’s old web sites, but it is a home, for a welcome houseguest.


You have to be hungry to eat a donut?

Free cheesecake at Amazon!

The very, very NSFW site bakufu has a nice collection of lingerie photos collected from Amazon listings, featuring a very cute AV actress. The outfit after the jump looked particularly tasty…


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”