“The top one percent in this country pays very much less than ten percent, very much less than five percent.”

— Al Sharpton, off by an order of magnitude

Discount braiding machine

According to the reviews, it’s cheap-as-in-shoddy, but I thought it was amusing to see a hand-cranked braiding machine designed to make 8 or 12-strand Kongō-gumi, marketed to tween girls for friendship bracelets. Based on how dusty the kits are that I see in stores, there’s not a big market for (literally) cranking them out by the dozen.

Traditional Japanese Flavors

What saké should be paired with Miku-flavored Pringles?

​…and that’s why I switched to The Spice House

Right after the 2016 election, the owner of Penzey’s went Full Batshit in his newsletter, going so far as to say he didn’t want the business of anyone who didn’t demand that Trump be removed from office. So I stopped being his customer and switched to a company that sells spices rather than hate, The Spice House.

Three years later, the deranged dipshit’s still at it, buying ads demanding impeachment.

As the Bee put it:

Survey Finds More People Would Support Impeachment If They Knew What Crime Trump Was Supposed To Have Committed

Teach them to click ‘Ok’…

Gosh, what’s the downside to constantly popping up “do you really want to do this?” boxes?

Tyler Hall explains:

Unicode Is A Hate Crime 2!

This is so trivial and stupid that I’d usually call it a nano-aggression or pico-aggression, but given the subject is combining characters in typography, I’m going to have to label it a pica-aggression.

Worst part is the replies take this bullshit seriously.

I can’t wait to see the Unicode folks cave to this nonsense and create a combinatorial explosion of directly-mapped emoji including all possible jendyr/raes/idenchy, to be immediately followed by complaints that the hex code for transbrown questioning dragonkin herm is proof of bigotry because it’s numerically higher than cishetyelloman.

Pixiv: serious, formidable, bouyant

And by that I mean Serious Sirius and Formidable from Azur Lane, equipped with rather remarkable flotation devices. Like most warships, they often find themselves exposed, even with allies to wash, er, watch their backs.

Formidable’s standard outfit made it a bit challenging to find pics that didn’t need to go behind the NSFW tag, even after relaxing my usual rules a bit. Not that Sirius was easy.


The Ghostess With The Mostest

I missed Yuuna And The Haunted Hot Springs when it aired. An assortment of screenshots and short video clips convinced me to give it a shot, and I found it a perfectly delightful harem comedy. Sadly, there’s no US Bluray release, and Crunchyroll has the steam-and-lightbar-censored broadcast version, and they don’t have the 3 uncensored OVA episodes, so off to the torrents we go!

(NSFW after the jump)


Meme endgame

Well, I suppose there are worse ways for this story to end…