“If I thought every person who disagrees with me is a secret Nazi, I’d probably be an insufferable prick too.”

— Jason Howerton


The entire Moderation Team for the Rust programming language has resigned. This came as a surprise to everyone who didn’t know that Rust had a moderation team, or what it was contributing to the development of the language.

The answer is, of course, Toxic CoC Syndrome:

Remarks that moderators find inappropriate, whether listed in the code of conduct or not, are also not allowed.

In other words, “we’re the Tone Police, and whatever we say goes”.


And if someone takes issue with something you said or did, resist the urge to be defensive. Just stop doing what it was they complained about and apologize. Even if you feel you were misinterpreted or unfairly accused, chances are good there was something you could’ve communicated better — remember that it’s your responsibility to make your fellow Rustaceans comfortable.

So if someone says “your pull request is worthless garbage that breaks the build”, they are required to apologize and stop harassing you over your earnest desire to decolonize the language by renaming all problematic functions.

For more fun, this CoC incorporates by reference the “Citizen Code of Conduct”, which includes this hilarious little gem:

No weapons will be allowed at [COMMUNITY_NAME] events, community spaces, or in other spaces covered by the scope of this Code of Conduct. Weapons include but are not limited to guns, explosives (including fireworks), and large knives such as those used for hunting or display, as well as any other item used for the purpose of causing injury or harm to others.

Since the “covered spaces” of the Rust-y CoC primarily consist of Discord channels, online forums, and git checkins, I’m assuming they’re referring to weaponized emoji here:

🥢 👞 🧀 🗡 🏓 🔞 🚔 🧸 🥋 🌂 🔩 🧫 🤺 🛁 🎛 ⛏ 🥩 🇺🇸 🥓 🪓 ©️ 🧨 🔪 🛑 🖋 🧷 🏏 💤 🏒 ⚠️ 🔧 🥊 💣 ⚓️ 🗑 🧼 🧻 🔨 🛂 🔫 🦨 🙈 🙉 🙊

Food, Fight

Roast Komi With Stuffing And Gravy, episode 6

I think this show has reached the “comfortable as an old shoe” stage for me, where everything delivered what I’ve come to expect (including baby steps of progress for Our Heroine), but nothing really stood out. Or maybe it was just that they ambushed me with the promise of a swimsuit episode next week.

Restaurant To Another World, 2.9

This week’s episode picks up two threads showing Nekoya’s growing influence on the other world. First, the daughter of the baker who bought a recipe from the travelling halflings in a previous episode demonstrates her trusting nature by following her boyfriend out into the woods for a meal. Then it’s elf-chef Fardania and her ward discovering a bustling seaport filled with products created by Nekoya regulars, and hooking up with a local who’s trying to unravel The Mystery of Jello. Some cute scenes of Aletta and Kuro, which are always welcome.

Next week, more cute girls eating cute things. And boys getting picked up by an older man, but in a good way.


I idly found myself rewatching a few episodes of The Witcher (season two in three weeks), which is really well done yet leaves me with no desire to ever read the books. It’s not just that I’ve developed an allergy to epic fantasy over the years, it’s that the derivative work is less derivative than the original work.

(Jahy-sama is unrelated)

Slow Princess Holiday

Cockblocked By A Budding Hero, I Still Advanced My Relationship With The Busty Princess, episode 8

The official web site for 真の仲間じゃないと勇者のパーティーを 追い出されたので、辺境でスローライフすることにしました (in case you’re wondering why I’ve never typed the full title of this one before) is shinnonakama.com, so they’ve pretty much just given up on finding a “standard” four-mora abbreviation.

On that note, the spinoff PC game Slow Living with Princess, with translated version in early access on Steam, has adopted the abbreviated name SuroPuri, or “slow princess”, which sounds like it belongs in a completely different genre. 😁

This week, Our Couple nearly couple, before remembering that there’s a tween sleeping over while they work to resolve the convoluted drug/demon plot. Motivated by their new double bed and oversized bathtub, they wrap it all up quickly, leaving time for exposition and foreshadowing of how Ruti’s arc finally crosses theirs.

(extremely patient princess is unrelated)

A Day For Giving Thanks…

Santa Cruz county has mandated mask-wearing indoors at home, if you let any outsiders in:

Indoor mask mandate in effect in Santa Cruz Co.
An indoor mask mandate is now in effect in Santa Cruz County and it covers private settings like a home. If you are getting together with others who don’t live in the same household the county says you should mask up regardless of vaccination status. Businesses are also required to follow the guidelines. You can take off your mask when eating or drinking.

Speaking of Thanksgiving…

I’m thinking of making a huge batch of spaghetti sauce tonight, baking bread in the morning, and then making pasta for lunch, dinner, and the next two days. More fun than eating leftover turkey, and not as pathetic as having pizza delivered. 😁

Getting serious

I am officially working with a realtor to find a house to buy in Ohio. My director’s only condition was that I continue to do the job well enough to get a solid annual review in February, which seems fair. I was planning to do that anyway. 😁

Now I just have to hope that the Brandon regime doesn’t destroy the entire world economy before I can sell my current place in April/May.

No smiley-face on that one, I’m serious.

Hey, you can get the Hello!Project out of the girl!

36-year-old Maki Goto would like to remind the world that she is still plenty hot (NSFW! Disable Javascript!)

(pity she only seems to be awake in two of the pictures, but hopefully this means there will be more efforts to remind people that she’s working again; it’s a long shot, but she might even hook up with management, stylists, and editors who have talent)

Things I never thought I'd see...

A bathroom painted to look like the inside of a septic tank:

On the bright side, the toilet wasn’t painted to match.

No link to the house listing; I’m trying to get it out of my mind.

…by putting it in yours. 😁

Isekai Executioner

Sure, it will likely suck, but…

In Virgin Road, the people of a fantasy world are so sick of overpowered Japanese expats showing up with ridiculous powers and zero self-control that they have a full-time exterminator for them, Our Hero.

I approve of this message. Also the yuri elements.

(…and leave the witch of the highlands alone!)

Live School Live!

I kind of stopped watching the live version of School Live a bit over halfway through. It does a decent job of streamlining the core story, but loses a lot of the charm of the original by making Our Survivors into pretty ordinary-looking schoolgirls.

Question in Slack

Co-worker: Why is the Netflix virtual fireplace video only an hour long?

J: They had to rotate the logs.

The obviously-coordinated gangs of looters hitting high-end California stores recently are clearly organized crime, so if they scheduled their events on social media, does that open Facebook up to RICO charges? Asking for a friend.

Moron Update: Professor Firestarter

The asshat who was found suspiciously close to the start of one of the arson-caused wildfires in California this summer has now been charged with starting four of them. They suspect he’s responsible for more fires, but can’t prove it. And he wasn’t the only (Leftist) arsonist working the wildfire season. Apparently, just like hate crimes, the demand for climate-change consequences exceeds the supply.

Sour cheesecake

Pixiv has recently recommended some pictures to me that I won’t be adding to my collection or sharing here, tagged with 催眠 (“hypnosis”) and 洗脳 (“brainwashing”). Not every picture with those tags is “vigorously non-consensual sex with anatomically distorted girls who are canonically way underage”, but most of them are. Pokégirls hardest hit.

(practice safe cheesecake!)

Double-checking, I did post one picture (#121) that was tagged “hypnosis”, but it was one of the rare exceptions: the girl in the manga reflects on the results of hypnotizing her girlfriends at school. And that isn’t even in the panel I selected; she’s just cute and naked.

Okay, now I really want to move...

I heard a tuba.

At 12:30 AM this morning.

I thought I could just yell out the window at whatever neighbor’s kid was doing something really stupid and annoying, but no.

It was several blocks away.

After a few minutes, the rest of the live band joined in, for an extremely loud hour of mexican polka music.

I eventually got to sleep, then came downstairs this morning, and as I started to make coffee, was greeted by the continuous sound of power tools being used in someone’s back yard.

At 8:30 AM on a Saturday.

At least a block away.

I may have to triple my previous “no part of the house within 20 feet of the property line” rule. Fortunately, three of my top five still-not-sold-yet houses easily clear that bar, and the other two are well-buffered with trees and hedges. A lot of the problem here is that all the two-story houses placed with minimum set-backs from the property line create a canyon that channels sound; the neighborhoods I’m looking at around Dayton aren’t as packed, and most are broken up occasionally by densely-packed trees.

I did add a new house to the #3 slot this week, but it’s already gotten an offer, so I’m down to:

  • 4 great choices,

  • 1 “would be great if I could change the street name”,

  • 1 “kind of far and needs a lot of privacy landscaping”,

  • 1 “great location, gas range but cramped kitchen with useless island, old-house layout issues, need for privacy landscaping, and several rooms that need repainting, but also $100K cheaper than the others”.

Hopefully my new manager’s manager will be sufficiently recovered from reorg hell in the upcoming short week to give me a thumb’s-up on the move idea. I said “4 great choices”, but #1 has been far out in front since I started looking, and I’m simultaneously cheered and concerned that it’s still on the market after 50+ days while others are being snapped up within 3. The price has dropped slightly twice since I found it, but I’d have paid the original price and considered it a great deal.

Something is scaring people off. Maybe it smells like cat piss or cigarette smoke, or there’s something about the neighborhood, or some maintenance issue that would cost a bundle, but there’s only one thing I can see in the pictures that might turn people off, and I hope that it’s the reason, because it’s something I want.

It’s also possible the Zillow listing is simply wrong about some things; I’ve seen significant discrepancies before, and not just in the claimed square-footage. After all, I remember when my neighbor’s place went on the market at the peak of a previous boom and was advertised as having “off-street RV parking”, with a picture that carefully disguised the fact that it would have required tearing down his fence and paving my front yard.


...and Saturday night begins with a really loud party in the house behind me. Which, thanks to minimum set-backs, is about twenty feet away from my kitchen table.

Although I'd be able to hear the music from five times that distance.

“Ah-ha!” moment

I think I've figured out why the house I like so much hasn't sold yet, and if true, might stay on the market long enough for me to get my full-time remote approval and buy it: two of the bedrooms have sucky windows.

Until today, there were no pictures that showed all five bedrooms. The three that were shown are large and well laid out, and they just kind of skipped over the two that are smaller, located directly above the garage, and look like this:

But I don't need five good bedrooms, while I do need a nice private office and a crafting room. And a private dojo with enough room to swing a sword, which this place also has room for.

Retarding the spark

Komi, interrupted, episode 5

The sinister specter of chuunibyou appears, in past and present. Our Heroine is baffled, but takes one small step for Komi-kind. Then Agari gets a chance to show off a non-doggy skill, as Komi takes yet another step forward. Also, casting You-Know-Who as Komi’s mom allowed them to slip in a “forever 17” reference. Still liking this.

Restaurant To Another World, 2.8

This one was very delayed on all the Crunchyroll apps. It was only showing up on the desktop version of the web site all day long, and even in the evening I had to start rewatching episode 7 and manually select “next episode” to get it to show up.

Some nice subtle shots of Kuro figuring out the truth about vampires, and a cute scene of her handling the brawling cheesecake cheesecake brawlers. The latter segment did include a bigger crowd, but managed to keep up the quality pretty well.

(supply-chain constraints have interfered with my ability to provide Aletta/Kuro fan-art; let go, Brandon!)

School Live! (live) live on HiDive

The’re now streaming the movie, in addition to the prequel mini-series they’ve had up for a while. I think I’ll try to watch it Saturday night.

GTA dead, dead, dead on PC

The definitive, mod-free, only-version-you-can-buy-now release of the Grand Theft Auto series has turned out to be a definitive dumpster-fire that is not only worse than all previous versions, but includes music tracks they no longer have licenses for and parts of the infamous “hot coffee” unreleased feature that got them into very hot water back in the day. All this wrapped in layers of DRM and crapware that even made it a challenge to pull the release while they scraped off the worst of the spittle.

Had they done a proper cleanup release that supported mods, I might have picked it up on Steam, but it sounds like they’ve lost all credibility. I guess Apple isn’t the only company that doesn’t know what “QA” means.

How To Spot A Shitshow

The Ars Technica preview of Amazon’s Wheel of Time series includes the following praise:

“I really appreciate a lot of what the show is doing to add nuance to the books’ dated and rigid gender roles.”

Why say that? Because Moiraine grabs all of Our Future Heroes just in case Nynaeve or Egwene might be The Dragon Reborn in a gender-swapped reincarnation.

Thanks for letting me know I can skip this one.

“Alexa, shut your whore mouth.”

When Amazon asks me why I won’t be installing any voice-activated devices in my new house (yada-yada-still-not-confirmed), my answer will be “by the way, did you know that you can alienate customers by responding to their simple commands with lengthy uninterruptible promotions for features that they’ve heard about a dozen times already and firmly rejected multiple times?”

(army of sharks is hopefully related…)

Diversions, Included and Equipped

I’m in love with a working girl, episode 7

(sometime I should look up how Japanese fans are shortening the ridiculous title for “banished from the hero’s party…”)

Drugs are bad, but putting in a hard day’s work tracking down the dealers is a great reason to jump into your roommate’s lap for a relationship-advancing cuddle. Detective Rit is on the case, and also on Red like white on rice. The plots continue to thicken, with Ruti’s story being advanced by killer loli Tisse (have I mentioned Tisse yet? she’s the adorable little assassin brought into Ruti’s party for support), and the axe-crazy druggies inciting a possible coup that would interfere with Our Couple’s Slow Life.

They’re on target to get through the first four novels, which form a pretty complete arc while leaving the future open for more stories. (there are currently 8 light novels)

(classical reference)

Dear Apple,

Okay, I finally drank the koolaid and switched on your not-really-two-factor authentication, to stop you from constantly disabling my AppleID and forcing me to log back in 10+ times across all my devices. So how am I rewarded? With iTunes (excuse me, “Music”) demanding that I log back in after an update, and then rejecting my correct password twice (pasted directly from my password manager) before finally letting me in so I can use the application.

Not, I shit you

This is the full text for this month’s second-breakfast-patch-tuesday Adobe update for InDesign, an application dedicated to presenting prose professionally:

This Max we bring you adjustable UI size to suit your resolution the best and the power of Adobe Capture through a new Capture panel extension within InDesign. We have replaced non-inclusive terminology to support core Adobe values of diversity and inclusion and also updated to include bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Thanks, Adobe, for letting us know that copy-editing is white supremacy, and must be destroyed for the sake of equity.

(graphic designer is unrelated, and blissfully unaware that her profession is inherently racist)


Okay, on October 29, Monterey County passed their new mask-up regulation, scheduled to go in effect 7 days after certain conditions were met. Communication of this has been typically inept, and it apparently went live on November 5 but not everyone knows it (I will not “out” the unmasked clerk who served my unmasked self over the weekend and then again today), and while signs went up at some stores, they came back down a few days later. There are instructions on how to report offenders, but there seems to be no critical mass of volunteer Stasi eager to do their dirty work.

The regulation does not, to no great surprise, contain a matching set of conditions under which the mask mandate will be relaxed or expire. The county website doesn’t even have a little banner to tell you what the current status is. Just comply, you filthy peasant.


I’d like to file a complaint with the editors of Weekly Playboy for following zettai with muteki rather than ryouiki. Stockings would look better on Minami Yasui than that katana does. Although, if she’s got a Red Sonja thing going on, I’d be happy to defeat her and claim valuable prizes.

(via Everia.Club; NSFW! Javascript off!)