“Rejoice, Comrades! It’s the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Be sure to torture a dissident, starve a kulak, censor a newspaper, and shoot anyone who disagrees with you. Comrade Lenin would’ve wanted it that way.”

— Rotten Chestnuts celebrates

Oh, this brings back memories…

…except that at our house, it was the dishwasher, and it took us half an hour to figure out where the muffled, plaintive meows were coming from.


Dear Amazon,

So, I stumbled across the link that takes you to the old Items you’ve marked “Not interested” page, and by golly, my 50,000+ entries are still there, and are still being updated with new entries.

You’re just not using them to filter items from the current “Recommended for you” tiles.

In fairness, there’s a bit of load associated with slurping in 50,000+ ASIDs every time I visit the site, but you could at least use the most recent 100, and either make it possible to bulk-edit the list or simply wipe it. The old recommendation used to be “create a new Amazon account”, but that’s not practical now, with Prime, Kindle, FireTV, etc.

Dear Safeway,

I is confused:

So which is it, 48 hours or five weeks? Are these pretzel bites ticking like a time bomb? Or is Pretzilla just encouraging the buyer to pig out?

[side note: Safeway has also started carrying Cheesecake Factory brown bread. For some reason, they stock both of these items near the in-store Starbucks at all the locations I’ve been in recently.]

Pixiv: Belly-buttons

Today’s retroactive Pixiv category is おへそ (oheso), because while a shapely ankle may once have turned heads, an exposed midriff increases the odds that other interesting bits may come to light.


Questions no one was asking…

“Are your platelets cute enough?”

NSFW, because fan artists who spot a loli are on her like white on rice.

Why we can’t have nice things…

Someone found this in one of our conference rooms this morning:

The entire wall is a whiteboard.

The projector screen is not.

(side note: Photoshop’s content-aware erase does a surprisingly-good job of redacting the text in the boxes…)

3D Cheesecake 7

Names as I get a chance, as usual.

[TinEye to the rescue! Google image search couldn’t find a name for this cutie, but TinEye managed to match it to a tiny thumbnail (89x120) of the uncropped image on a defunct Russian site, and I was able to pick out the name “Azumi” and the kanji “川島”; sure enough, she’s former model and AV actress 川島和津美.]


FFS, Emacs!

I’ve been running a few releases behind on GNU Emacs, because the last time I upgraded, they removed the count-lines-region function, for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, I recently upgraded with Homebrew, and the latest dumbfuckery to ruin my day is making non-regexp searches match on one or more Unicode whitespace characters when you type a literal space character. This includes newlines.

As a result, out of the box it is no longer possible to find either an errant space, or multiple spaces where there should only be one. You need to Google and discover how to shut it off in your .emacs file:

(setq isearch-lax-whitespace nil)
(setq search-whitespace-regexp nil)

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”