“Everyone can be a diplomat with properly doused phraseology.”

— Gary Perlman

Every car needs one…

Do you have an oooooh button?


Schoolhouse Rock, episode 6

Am I a bad person for wishing the cast of Doctor Who had turned this week’s episode into a Bollywood musical?

I got bored around the time the spoiler died, mostly because I honestly don’t give a flying fuck about the partition of India and Pakistan, and the writer clearly thinks I should, having the Doctor play Woke-ipedia with the number of displaced and dead, etc. As the fishwrap I linked to last week puts it, this fits in with “Doctor Who’s new direction under new showrunner Chris Chibnall to increase diversity”.

Silly me, I thought your job was to increase entertainment. Y’know, for ratings, merchandise sales, loyal fan-base even…

Anyway, I just finished watching it after pausing on Sunday, and it was: preach, preach, preach, power-walking villains, preach, preach, extreme close-up, power-walking “heroes”, moral lesson, awwwww.

And how many people are playing collect-the-dead on Earth now, anyway? Do these retired demonic assassins compete with Missy and Testimony? Do they take turns?

Next week? Amazon Prime… In Spaaaace! They’re the villains, of course.

Best thing about this week’s episode? Young Umbreen was stunning.

Dear Amazon,

Clearly my recent search for cotton rope has led you down a dark path…


“This doesn’t make sense!”

“That we’re being chased by lingerie space pirates, or that our pilot is a sex toy?”

“That the sex toy is a better pilot than I am!”

“She’s probably just had more stick time.”

“Not funny. Why does her programming include combat evasion tactics?”

“Maybe she’s playing hard-to-get, who cares. Can we focus on this problem?”

“Right. Killer robot trying to cripple the ship. How long have we got?”

“Two minutes, tops. And if it goes straight for the drive once it’s inside…”

”…then we’re toast. Okay, I distract, you smash.”

Forget Mario…

Fumika Kart is the game to play.


Obscure superpowers…

If it works with catgirls, this man is my hero.

Wakana Aoi

Goodness, she’s pretty.

Popular young (20) actress Wakana Aoi spent some time as an idol singer while launching her quite successful acting career, but managed to escape without a large stash of bikini and lingerie photos to her credit. Probably a good thing, since that phase of her career ended before she turned 16…

More pictures here; site not SFW, but her pictures are.

Dear Amazon,

Even if this were being used metaphorically, I’d still have to call fail on filing “Ninja Skills” as a self-help book:

In related news, Steven Turnbull has disowned his earlier gullibilityshallow scholarship on the subject and written a new book that straightens out the mix of history, pulp fiction, and wishful thinking that created the myth of Ancient Ninja Secrets. Good stuff.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”