The mark is not set now.

— Emacs

“This time for sure!”

I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Hillary Clinton, as she goes Tom Cruise Crazy in front of the cameras, revealing that America —and the world— dodged a huge bullet in 2016. Seriously, she damn near killed herself during the campaign, despite never visiting the states she needed to win, and her current public mental breakdown is right up there with being chucked into a van like a sack of potatoes.

I’m not wasting any pity on the In Peaches Mentos clowns, though, who have long since gone full Bullwinkle.

Never go full Bullwinkle.

News filters

What kind of news stories do you automatically ignore? Here’s a few random filters of mine:

  • anything violating the 72-hour rule on a breaking story by jumping to conclusions about what happened based on reporter bias and/or third-hand rumors (such as the almost-never-true “second shooter”).

  • obviously-staged “hate crimes”. To a first approximation, all hate crimes are faked.

  • breathless reports of new “scientific” discoveries.

  • any headline that includes an obvious stop word, such as: trigger, intersectional, cis, trans, appropriation, diversity, woke, patriarchy, fascist, anti-fascist, vegan, problematic, ally, undocumented, structural, inclusive, identity, nazi, dogwhistle, toxic, microaggression, ableist, diversity, *-phobia, etc; unless it’s the Bee, of course…

  • any headline mentioning Edward Snowden that doesn’t prefix his name with the words “Russian spy”.

‘Fun’ with HSTS

There is nothing wrong with using good old-fashioned HTTP without encryption. There are situations where it is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, and the protocol shouldn’t be blindly tagged with dire warnings about people kidnapping your dog, stealing your credit cards, and secretly replacing your spouse with Folger’s Crystals.

Browser vendors disagree, for reasons not-entirely-wholesome, so it’s been an ongoing struggle at the office to deal with people who file helpdesk tickets about broken SSL on sites that never had SSL to begin with, and don’t understand that their browser is silently rewriting URLs and hiding the evidence.

With recent browser releases, it got to the point where we had to put SSL reverse proxies in front of a bunch of internal web sites just to shut up the whining. This was non-trivial, and left a number of sites only partially functional for most of a day (because of course this was so important that it couldn’t be tested, QA’d, or released on a weekend). Because once a site gets “upgraded” to HTTPS, the browser responds to any HTTP links like CNN covering a Trump rally.

That was Tuesday. Wednesday night, I was wandering through the desert on a sand-seal with no name, and out of the corner of my eye I saw my phone sync up about a dozen emails, all complaining about this new HSTS thingie (aka “SSL Bondage”).

Someone urgently needed access to a site that was rejecting SSL connections, so he CC’d a half-dozen people along with the helpdesk email address. Several of them responded to all, creating additional tickets. Several people responded to the responses.

When I’d finished merging the 10 duplicate tickets, my one-line response was “correct. we haven’t added HTTPS to that site yet”.

Trimming the season


Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?. Episodes 2 and 3 confirm that this is a steaming pile. The problem isn’t that it’s a poor adaptation (although it is); the problem is that they think it’s a comedy, and they don’t know how to write one of those.

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World. Let me be clear that the giant breasts were the only thing this show had going for it; episode 3 was so bad that their barely-delivered promise is no longer enough.

I’m willing to pretend that Business Hero’s takedown of Snidely Whiplash wasn’t suspiciously-contrived nonsense. I’m willing to play along with the genre clichés that are samurai girl, ninja reporter, and loli mad scientist. I’ll even give you Politics Hero With A Pistol, despite him being the most boring one in the group. But super-surgeon gal snapped my willing suspension of disbelief like a dry twig, and the wrap-up of the loli catgirl story combined with The Confrontation exposed what little story they have as an exercise in pointless plot twists. Seriously, I felt like watching an episode of Dokuro-chan to regain IQ points.

Was it just me…

…or did anyone else see the links for “Final Star Wars Trailer” and think, “oh thank goodness it’s over”.

Dear Amazon,

Your cat’s an asshole:

Speaking of cats, I haven’t had any hanging out on my porch for quite a while, but walking up to the house Friday night, I heard a series of loud, distressed-sounding meows coming from near my porch. I looked over and found a large, rather attractive kitty walking along the fence. To my surprise, he responded to my kissy noises by coming over to say hello, and I rewarded this behavior with a package of the leftover wet food from when I had regular visitors.

He was healthy, well-groomed, and wore a collar, so it wasn’t too surprising that he let me pet him. He hasn’t come back for skritches or handouts, so I’m guessing he’s a mostly-indoor cat who got away from his wranglers for a little while.

Dice, Bookworm, Azur, Average, Prodigy

[catching up after finishing off the main story in Cat Quest and surviving the run to Zora’s Domain in BotW…]

(cover of the next Average book)

After School Dice Club: Ep 2, Enter The Crush, with game Cockroach Poker. Really didn’t need a boy in my gamer-girls-doing-gaming-things show. Ep 3: Incan Gold subtracts the boy, adds two older girls, and actually has a plot twist.

Ascendance Of A Bookworm 2 & 3: after the first one, I ended up reading the first two light novels, and it’s tracking pretty closely. This seems to be a rare case where they realize they have good source material and are actively trying to use it well. No complaints.

Azur Lane: dropped; due in large part to the giant (tee-hee) cast, the story is incomprehensible, and the fan-service is being done better by fans on Pixiv.

Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life? Ep 1: “Ain’t no ‘Adele’ here!” I presume Mile’s first 2.x years in her new world will be told in convenient flashbacks. This is another case where I took a look at the light novels, and the anime team has jumped over several chapters and made some significant changes to what they’re using. It looks like the manga started in the same place as the novels, so this one has a whiff of trainwreck about it. Also, the novels quickly turn into girl-power-power-fantasy, with Mile not only being able to do anything while pretending to be “normal”, but also power-level her friends with a few quick tips. It gets old fast, even with her finally starting to figure out that she was sold a bill of goods by her reincarnation advisor.

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World : Ep 2, Enter The Loli Catgirl. Our Business-Hero proves his worth to the village skeptic, and acquires his future waifu. Side note: Business Hero’s voice sounded familiar, and while his DanMachi character Takemikazuchi doesn’t get a lot of lines in the anime, I hear him a lot in the DanMemo game.

tcc tee-hee

How to convince Mac users to switch to Windows, courtesy of Jeff Johnson:

A good practical joke to play on someone running Catalina:

$ tccutil reset All

Just in case they didn’t suffer enough the first time