Dear Amazon,

Your cat’s an asshole:

Speaking of cats, I haven’t had any hanging out on my porch for quite a while, but walking up to the house Friday night, I heard a series of loud, distressed-sounding meows coming from near my porch. I looked over and found a large, rather attractive kitty walking along the fence. To my surprise, he responded to my kissy noises by coming over to say hello, and I rewarded this behavior with a package of the leftover wet food from when I had regular visitors.

He was healthy, well-groomed, and wore a collar, so it wasn’t too surprising that he let me pet him. He hasn’t come back for skritches or handouts, so I’m guessing he’s a mostly-indoor cat who got away from his wranglers for a little while.

For want of a hyphen...

The person responsible is probably also a serial comma killer…

In other news, sugar daddies the world over were seen converging on Pratt, Kansas.

Ecchi-na no wa ikenai to omoimasu!

“If I were going to write an isekai series…”

“Transported Into A Fantasy H-Game As The Comic-Relief Sidekick, I Keep Getting Kidnapped By Villains And Molested By Their Kinky Minions, Only To Be Rescued By The Hero Just As They Get To The Good Part”

I thought about designing another book cover to go with this title, but most of the potentially-appropriate art on Pixiv is a little too explicit, and it would end up behind an NSFW tag anyway…

So, has anyone written an “accidentally transported from one isekai to another one in a different genre” series yet? Y’know, like the clumsy, busty elven priestess who gets adopted as the mascot of a squad of space marines.

Dear Amazon,

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest they used the wrong picture for this product listing:

Bee Wars...

After viewing the new Star Wars trailer, I’m thinking The Babylon Bee nailed it.

I’d have to finish watching the previous movie to have much interest in this one, but first I’d have to rewatch the beginning up to where I completely lost interest, and I’m just not motivated to do that any time soon.

Next Year's Best Anime...

I don’t think it’s possible to parody the isekai genre, so clearly it’s time to make my own…

(art by Milkpanda; swiped from Pixiv without permission)

1: This Clumsy Princess Is Falling All Over Me!

2: A Wild Loli Appears!

3: Holy Shit Those Tits Are Huge!

4: Her Cooking’s Terrible, But At Least She’s Naked!

5: All The Maids Wear Glasses!

6: Everything’s Better With Catgirls!

7: This Butch Palace Guard Secretly Collects Plushies!

8: My New Robot Girlfriend Needs An Off Switch!

9: Naughty Elves Need Love Too!

10: The Secret Valley Of Monster Girl Sex Slaves!

11: That Alien Nympho Is Over 18 Officer I Swear!

12: There’s Always Room For Slime Girls!

13: Trapped In The Lyin’ Witch’s Wardrobe!

14: Turns Out My Little Sister Is A Succubus!

23: Where Does The Third One Go?

29: Hers Is Bigger Than Mine But She’s Still A Girl So It’s Okay!

37: Mom Is That You?!?

Evergreen headlines...

“Popular social media site is a toxic dump”

The article refers to a specific physical location at which Instagram users are taking selfies, but I prefer to read it literally.

Budget RealDoll...

…from Panasony:

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”