Dear Amazon,

I think you’re pushing your personal kinks a little too hard.

Shall-Issue Open Carry


I got nuthin’…

…so here’s a nice pair of melons.


Curry Udon target practice

I need to order these for me and my sister, for our next trip to Japan…


Grooming An American Loli

“​…and this week Doc is playing with Julie, Gopher is playing with Vicki, and Isaac’s got a big surprise for Captain Stubing!”


Winnie hits puberty…


United’s PR Roadmap


Loli Poppins

I refuse to apologize for what happened when the soundtrack from Mary Poppins was playing as I read Mauser’s comment about Lollygagging. Dedicated to Roman Polanski, of course.


“…and every pass I plan to make,
involves Delicious Cake.
A law, or three, won’t save young girls from me…

“Some champagne and a quaalude made the little girl go down,
the little girl go down,
the little girl go down.
But the booze, pills, and ass-rape were all felonies, I found,
so I fled the USA.”

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”