The trouble with CAPTCHAs…

…is that they block robots.



They’re not spinning the results of Elizabeth Warren’s less-inconclusive-than-before DNA test correctly.

I mean, at 1/1024, she’s clearly a homeopathic Native American.

New Senate confirmation video

Dear Amazon,

What do you people do to your dogs?

Saaya plays Steely Dan…

Viewed at thumbnail size, for a moment I thought she’d switched career tracks.


Junior sizes, please!

One of my favorite quotes applies here: “Anyone who takes this seriously deserves to.”

(via one of the many people offended by this, tee-hee)

[Update: surprisingly unprepared for the descent of an angry mob, the vendor has removed the outfit. This is why we can’t have naughty things.]

“Cheap ain’t easy”


Dear Dianne Feinstein…

Yeah, what he said.