Junior sizes, please!

One of my favorite quotes applies here: “Anyone who takes this seriously deserves to.”

(via one of the many people offended by this, tee-hee)

[Update: surprisingly unprepared for the descent of an angry mob, the vendor has removed the outfit. This is why we can’t have naughty things.]

“Cheap ain’t easy”


Dear Dianne Feinstein…

Yeah, what he said.

Dear Apple,

How many Geniuses does it take to name your new iPhone the “excess max”? Couldn’t you at least have called it the Ne Plus Ultra.

Or even just the Plus Ultra?

(and, no, claiming that the “X” should be pronounced “10” doesn’t get you off the hook, because you don’t get to decide how millions of people pronounce a letter, and “tennis max” is dumb, too)

High school is different in Japan…


5 kilos of hmmmmm…


Halt and catch fire

I would pay good money to see this happen to every Prius I end up behind on Highway 101…

Dear Amazon,

I wasn’t aware that “self-help” included shibari, but this wouldn’t be the first time your recommendations got a bit kinky

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”