3D Cheesecake: the wet look

The new FN High Power pistol is a modern update to the classic Browning/Saive-designed P35, with ambidextrous controls, higher magazine capacity (in free countries), improved sights, etc, etc. I still haven’t seen one in a gun store yet, so I haven’t been able to make a direct comparison against the original, but perhaps they’ll start being produced in quantity next year.

But there’s one way in which it’s still a throwback design: lubrication. Where recently-designed pistols taking full advantage of modern materials and coatings might tell you to put exactly one drop of oil in each of 6 precise locations, the manual for the new High Power has an oiling page that looks like a parts list, with a total of 30 places to lubricate.

But enough about that; here’s a much more interesting set of high/power lube points.

Note: I went into this sure that I had more pictures of well-oiled cheesecake, but they just didn’t turn up when I was scrubbing through my archives, so nearly all are watery instead of oily. Perhaps I need an AI tagging system.


Pixiv: knit sweaters

The literal meaning of リブ生地 is “rib fabric”, but in context, it refers almost exclusively to snug knit sweaters. This theme brought to you by Best Girl Ruri (sadly not pictured).


3D cheesecake: girls gone goofy

It took a lot longer to find happy-fun NSFW pics, between models trying/failing to look “sultry” or “sexy”, and the fact that most AV actresses don’t seem to be too happy with their career choices (and the vast majority of nude models in Japan these days are porn starlets; didn’t used to be that way).


Pixiv Champloo 16

To quote Cole Trickle, “it’s just a little rubbing”. Or something like that…

(a lot of these have been in my archives so long they’ve been deleted from Pixiv, which means I lose track of the artist)


3D Cheesecake Champloo 4

In the definitely-not-in-California-any-more department, I’m looking at 5 days of thunderstorms. Also a 5-for-$55 deal on MagPul 30-round AR-15 magazines at the local range. They’re also offering a bundle with a S&W M&P-15 Sport II, extra mags, and a rifle case, which they said was selling quite well, but I took a look at the case, and it’s the wackiest collection of tacti-cool straps, buckles, zippers, pouches, bungies, and velcro that I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, you could make a gimp suit out of this bag and have hardware left over.

No gimp suits were harmed in the collection of this cheesecake.


After the fox(girl)!

Tagging is imperfect on Pixiv, to the point where only half of the pictures I’ve got that are tagged fox-ears 狐耳 are also tagged fox-girl 狐娘 (and it’s not because they’re fox-boys).


3D Cheesecake Champloo 3

I dipped my toes into what passes for “promising” in this season’s anime, and came up with only one real possibility, courtesy of Mauser, so it’s time to start working through my cheesecake archives.

In other news, Tiger Joe’s successfully replaced the flaky speed sensor on my new elliptical, and Traeger delivered the replacement board for my new smoker (which I’ll install as soon as the rain goes away for a few hours).


The best forger...

But first, some miscellany!

The Kids in the Hall

I tried watching the first episode of their new series. It wasn’t even a little bit funny.

Dear Amazon,

One of these things is not like the others:

Dear Microsoft,

Why has AutoUpdate started launching every day on my Mac and leaving itself running? I understand checking in the background, but the GUI app only used to show up if there were, y’know, updates to install. Now it’s just sittin’ on the Dock every day.

You too, Youtube?

I had a problem with all videos suddenly playing at at least 100x speeds on my Macbook Air. Turns out this is not a new problem, just one that hasn’t bitten me before, and you have to kill -9 coreaudiod to fix it.

Spy x Family

This seems to be focused too much on Anya-at-school for my tastes. At least it’s generating a lot of sexy fan-art of Yor.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”