I feel sorry for fan artists who want to draw Grea but can’t figure out how to attach dat phat tail, particularly when making NSFW images (which is why there are so few in this set…).


Give me a sign!

…or just remove both signs, and we can share the bath…

“Well, hello kitty!”

Shieri Kurasawa (倉沢しえり) is quite the cutie. Born Christmas Eve, 1999, so “way too young for me but not a felony”.


The Joy of Nacchi

Natsumi Abe grew up fast as the lead singer of the first generation of Morning Musume…

Elly Tran Ha

Elly Tran Ha is, um, fetching. Yeah, that’s the word.


Bodacious Ryo-tas

Shattering the Rushuna barrier, it’s Ryoka Narusawa aka Ryotas, from Occultic;Nine. For the most part, fan artists are not exaggerating her bustline. Her huge tracts of land have huge tracts of land.

“She carried a pair of 44s. She also had a gun.”


Pixiv artist ‘tomo’

How is it that I’m the only person following this artist? Seriously, the Grea pics alone ought to be worth a few hundred.


…never mind, Pixiv doesn’t display how many people follow another user, it’s how many users they follow. So, tomo only follows userid #11, aka Pixiv itself. I could have sworn there was a way to display follower count, but the API call that’s supposed to return that in pixivpi3 just returns your own followers. Maybe they locked it down.


“Oh, waitress…”

She clearly earns her tips.