High-level armor, by Sansei Girls

…featuring the always delightful Saya Kataoka

Saya’s own twitter account has lots of nice previews and outtakes of her various work. Sansei seems to have taken down the link to the Sansei Girls page, but in compensation, I’ll link to one of their 18-or-older games…

Pixiv: Halloween-ish

It was great weather for trick-or-treating, and I didn’t hear about anything that would keep the kids off the streets, but instead of last year’s 126 candy bandits, I had, well, less than the number of pictures in this cheesecake roundup.

For future reference, the bulk bags of candy at Costco do not expire for at least five months, with some of them having sell-by dates as late as July and August 2019.

So, stop by my office for free candy. Every week. Please.


Now with bonus horny Frankenstein gal, as requested.


Yes, I want fries with that

Nilawan Iamchuasawad offers excellent fry-service…


Pixiv: Thigh-masters

Okay, technically “miwaku no futomomo” (魅惑のふともも) means “captivating thighs”. Not to be confused with “hasemaretai futomomo” (挟まれたいふともも), which means “thighs I want to be captive of”.

All after the jump, because thighs.


Rule 34 Friday…

Nana Okada (岡田奈々) takes up the challenge.

More here, most with more life behind the eyes. NSFW due to bikinis, lingerie, and quite a nice heinie for a Japanese girl.

3D Cheesecake 9

Providing further evidence that I can never be nominated for the Supreme Court or leadership in an Open Source project, here are more scantily-clad, nekkid, and just plain purty women randomly selected from the downloads folder on my laptop.

No O’Reilly books were harmed in the making of this gallery.


Saaya plays Steely Dan…

Viewed at thumbnail size, for a moment I thought she’d switched career tracks.


Pixiv: Ass Goddesses

But my opinion is firm: it takes a lot of cheek to tag a girl with 尻神様, so you’ll need to back that up, even if you have to bend over backwards to round up proof that a candidate is ripe to make the cutoff short list. Rear views only, nothing half-assed, and don’t make any cracks about rump sessions, or it’ll all go pear-shaped.

Moon. Buns. Bottom. Behind. Bum. Tush. Fanny.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”