Pixiv Champloo 2

Just another curated random subset to stir up my Pixiv recommendations. That is, a script opens 100 random images out of ~11,000, and I choose whatever catches my eye, repeating until I get at least 26 in both the sfw and nsfw sets.

The workflow is: drag-and-drop from Preview into a Terminal window where I’ve typed an echo command, switch focus to the terminal, press spacebar twice, and switch back to Preview. When I’m done, switch to the terminal and hit enter, then edit the echo command into an mv into a subdirectory.

Why the odd steps? Because Apple keeps making flakier with each release. Normally, when you drag files into Terminal, you get the properly-escaped full path followed by a space, but when you drag from Preview, it will be followed by a backslash and a return, except when it’s followed by a non-backslashed return, which happens at random intervals. That’s why I’m collecting the list with echo instead of using mv directly.

This is in addition to the way it will sometimes return a quarantine path for files that have extended attributes, which is why I strip those off immediately after downloading (xattr -d *.*, or copy them to an ExFAT volume and periodically rm ._*).

I defer the mv to the end because Preview refreshes all the image thumbnails when it detects that some of them have moved. This is no big deal when you have only 100 images open, but if you’re, say, pulling up everything that Pixiv tagged as 魅惑の谷間 (~1,500 at the moment…), it’s annoying.

The rest of my workflow is resizing with ImageMagick and optimizing JPEG size with Guetzli, pulling in links and tags with my PixivPy script, and uploading with s3cmd. I generally accept the shuffled order, but select one image to pull above the fold, then maybe shift a few that got clustered, and put a punchline at the end if I have one. And a cleanup script to number them all sequentially before posting.


3D Cheesecake 13

Once more into the breeches!

[this collection proudly assembled under the supervision of a neighborhood stray cat, with inspirational music provided by Konya Wa Hurricane on endless repeat. No journalists were harmed during the production of this entry, not even the Huffgawkbuzzhos I spotted holding up “wil hait-tweet 4 food” signs outside the discount medical-marijuana dispensary.]


Pixiv Champloo 1

A little random selection to stir up my recommendations page…


3D Cheesecake 12

I either need to stop downloading or post faster. I’m up to 3.4 GB of living girls and nearly 6 GB of Pixiv. Maybe I’ll schedule a bunch of cheesecake for while I’m on vacation in April.


Names added for all but 5.5 pictures; the half is the cover photo of an AV film that doesn’t name the actresses. The other five stumped both Google and TinEye.


Pixiv: Mecha-bare

Robot girl takes it all off!

No, stop, put some of that back on.

Of course mecha-musume get mecha-bare, but in the keyword メカバレ (meka-baré), it comes from the verb bareru (“to be exposed”), so in context it’s a gal whose robotic parts are showing. Naturally, this will often also involve exposure of her more human parts as well.

Sadly, a simple search for メカバレ felt a lot like the old days of trying to pull cheesecake off of Gelbooru: I had to skip over lots of loli, bondage, rape, and loli-bondage-rape pics to find these. I allowed minor combat damage, but the more severe stuff was not appealing.


Most-blogged Pixiv artists

Since switching to Pixiv as my primary 2D image source, I’ve been bookmarking every picture I blog. Last night, I hacked together another PixivPy script to figure out which artists I’ve blogged work from, sorted by number of images and whether or not I follow them. The core of the code looks more or less like this, for anyone who might want to play with PixivPy:

from pixivpy3 import *
aapi = AppPixivAPI()
aapi.auth(refresh_token = my_auth_token)
result = aapi.user_bookmarks_illust(aapi.user_id)
for i in result.illusts:
    if == 0:
    if i.user.is_followed:
        # do stuff
        # do other stuff

while result.next_url:
    next_qs = aapi.parse_qs(result.next_url)
    result = aapi.user_bookmarks_illust(**next_qs)
    for i in result.illusts:
        if == 0:
        if i.user.is_followed:
            # do stuff
            # do other stuff

(the == 0 check was discovered through old-school printf debugging; it’s the only place in the API where I’ve needed something like that so far)

The most-blogged artists list currently looks like this:

5立羽 @ 3日目 西れ-29a

Got Sprinkles?

Decisions, decisions…

3D Cheesecake 11

For all their big talk, Tumblrgeddon is pretty much a wet firecracker. They chased away a bunch of content creators, but the only content accurately blocked by their censorware is bare titties, and all sorts of things you might have expected to be blocked (like intimate closeups of (anatomical) assholes) are still right there in your face.

Not only are the sites I pull my non-nude cheesecake from still running at full speed, a number of sites that republish Tumblr-hosted images are still showing nudes without any sort of sign-in barrier. (names omitted to preserve this state of affairs as long as possible…)

Unrelated, I was searching Pixiv for souji (掃除) pictures, and I found myself thinking, “gosh, there’s a surprising amount of cocksucking in housework… oh, wait, she’s ‘cleaning’ it”.


Finally found the last name; interestingly, it took three tries over the weekend to get Google image search to find her.