Pixiv: school swimsuits

I’m always surprised by the prevalence of school swimsuits in anime, mostly because I never knew so many schools had pools. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Any cake in a cheese, and all that.


3D cheesecake: dressed & undressed

Usually glamour shoots end up somewhere in the middle, but there are plenty of good things to say about the ends.

These pictures make me sad (NSFW site! Javascript off!): the stunning Manami Hashimoto, in a tight catsuit, with a pistol. The classic M-Appeal look, and every picture is terrible. Bad makeup, bad lighting, bad framing, bad posing, bad setting, bad editing, weird angles, no life behind the eyes, etc, etc. Poor trigger discipline is just icing on the crappy cake.

This is unfortunately the norm for Manami; I can think of only a handful of shoots where the people behind the camera seemed to have any interest at all in showing her off.


One out of three porch cats is smart enough to come in out of the rain. The other two deliberately go out into the rain in the hope of getting attention from me. Extra credit for Solid, who followed me all the way across the street to my mailbox, then all the way back, only to discover that I’d already put out fresh dry food for him.

Totally Unrelated,

I exported everything from Synology’s Notes app to Joplin, using this Python script and the Joplin CLI. There’s another project that tries to use the Joplin API to do it in one go, but it blew chunks on me before it ever imported anything; someone else filed a bug on it already, so I didn’t pile on with a “me, too”.

I did file a bug on this script, because it uses Pandoc to handle the HTML-to-Markdown conversion, and unless you add the multiline_tables extension, any table markup that includes a block element will simply be dropped from the output, replaced with the words “[TABLE]”.

Fortunately I caught that when I spotted a note that had five attachments and no other data. Even more fortunately, only 5 of ~200 notes were affected by this. Using the multiline-tables extension produces notes that need significant cleanup, but the alternative is potentially significant data loss.

(doing it from the CLI would have been a lot more painful if I’d had more attachments, since the CLI has only rudimentary support for that (import directory of MD files, grep for broken attachment links, loop over list of files that should have been attached to each note and add them, cleanup formatting later))


Pixiv Champloo 13

No-bake cheesecake. 😁


3D cheesecake: breaking the rules

I recently ranted on what not to do in glamour photography, inspired by a shoot on Big Boobs Japan (NSFW! Javascript off!) where every single picture was shot at a different angle for no good reason.

What I didn’t say was that you can do all of those things, well or poorly, as long as the result is focused on the girl, and not on the photographer’s ego and/or incompetence. So here are some that walked that fine line, and some that gleefully jumped over.

The tricky bit was actually finding some good line-jumpers, since I usually don’t save those at all (and the last thing I need is to go trolling for more pictures). Most of them are NSFW, because I’m a bit more forgiving when titties are involved…

(and, yes, posting 200+ pics in a set helps me make a tiny dent in the backlog; why, if I did that every day, I’d catch up in only nine months!)


Pixiv: "by the original creator"

The most common usage of 本家 you’ll hear in anime is “main house”, as in the place from which distant patriarchs arrange marriages and summon disobedient underlings for punishment. On Pixiv, it generally refers to artwork created officially for a book, game, show, or a Youtuber, drawn by a professional artist.

It’s a good way to go trolling for some really well-done images, generally less explicit than the fan-art. In fact, pretty much all of these ended up outside the NSFW tag, and even the ones that went in were pretty tame, with mostly-mild violations of my PEEN (pose, exposure, emphasis, nipples) rule.


3D Cheesecake 34: Be of good cheese...

You can tell a lot about people by which deaths they celebrate, and which they lament.

“The average liberal thinks that if we’re nice enough, we can reach an understanding with Hugo Chavez or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck can’t be reasoned with.” – John Hawkins

I think a celebration of life is in order, and what’s more lively than pretty girls wearing a smile and not much else?


Pixiv: marshmallows!

Marshmallow Oppai (マシュマロおっぱい), to be precise. I can’t imagine which recently-watched anime might have inspired this theme; target-rich environment, really. The only difficulty is that roughly 80% of the available pics are either Rem or Mashu Kyrielight (the latter being basically the trope namer, Marshmallow = mashu-maro).

Rigid tool holders…

Figures that right after I rant about poorly-designed 3D printable holders for 3D printing tools, someone shows how it’s done. Minimal volume of plastic, no supports necessary, fits on a lot more printers (175x125x58mm), with generic slots. It even has nicely-rounded edges. A few points off for abusing the words “generic” and “universal” while not including a wide slot or larger round hole, but other than that, it’s an excellent piece of work. Still not going to print it, though.

Unrelated Cura plugin

Material Settings, in the marketplace. This gives you a GUI method of making additional settings filament-specific (such as material_flow for a brand that runs thick/thin), rather than having to edit the XML by hand.

Yes, the only documentation for how to do this is in a comment on a bug that was closed with “won’t fix”. And the plugin exists because its author commented on the bug and agreed it would be nice to have.


Pixiv: Intersectionality I Can Get Behind

The images for the day are the intersection of the tags “virtual youtuber” (バーチャルYouTuber) and “ass goddess” (尻神様). This is a short NSFW set, just so I could get the joke in.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”