Pixiv: garter belts

This one leans a bit toward the NSFW side, for obvious reasons. I was honestly surprised I found as many SFW pics as I did, given the poses and camera angles generally involved in showing off garter belts and what they’re attached to.

OpenSCAD goes zoom

I’ve been too busy to do any 3D printing recently (everything’s still in boxes in the garage from the move), so I hadn’t checked in on OpenSCAD, which is a wonderful tool afflicted with cripplingly slow rendering. Fixed now:

The new Manifold renderer is much faster and multi-threaded, allowing significantly more complicated models.

Sick Transit, USPS?

Pretty sure the two-day priority mail package that was shipped from Texas on Wednesday won’t be getting here on time. It made it to Cincinnati by Friday, about 45 miles away, but on Saturday it went to Des Moines, Iowa, over 600 miles away. On Sunday it rested. Also Monday.

It left Des Moines at 3:25 AM Tuesday for Milan, Illinois, and arrived/departed at 6:33 AM. Maybe it’ll turn up in Indianapolis next.

(I’d prefer to have all packages delivered by Kiki, but she’s not available in my area)

Garter time!

Elastic Properties

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