Pixiv: Fox-Girls

There are plenty of kitsune musume (狐娘) on Pixiv who are not 800-year-old lolicon bait. I have a few on tap…


3D Cheesecake: Bathtime Buddies

Personally I use a pressure cooker, but the classic way to make cheesecake is with a water bath. Either way, adding water to cheesecake keeps the skin from drying out.

Adding soapy water to cheesecake only works for the kind that involves rubber duckies. Whipped cream goes well on both kinds; apply immediately before consuming.

For obvious reasons, most of this set goes behind the NSFW tag, and even the ones that aren’t are a little more suggestive than the usual bikini pics.


Pixiv Champloo 7

Server rebuilt, data verified, meal cooked and eaten, episodes of Senko-chan watched. Now loading… cheesecake!


OMC: Hitomi Yasueda

My only complaint about the quality and quantity of skin that Hitomi Yasueda (安枝瞳) frequently displays is that there are a number of pictures where her lack of a top should result in at least a hint of areola and/or nipple, but the Barbie filter is set to “nope”. As compensation, they spare no effort to prove that she’s got more ass than all but the most-genetically-gifted of Japanese women.

Born in 1988 and still working, which makes even her earliest photos comfortingly legal for prolonged ogling.


Pixiv: barefoot

“Wait, they have feet?”


“I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers…”

“​…but she’d better not touch my Honeycomb!”

(the sign, if you can find it, reads, “I snitched the snacks”)

3D Cheesecake 21

If she’s good for a gander, she’s good for a goose.


Pixiv Champloo 6

No idea where all those zombie girls came from; I must have something on my mindbraaaaiiinzzz.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”