Pixiv: The Year Of The Tiger(-Striped Bikini)

Not every Chinese-new-year tiger-girl is wearing a striped bikini, but with Lum returning to TV in 2022, it’s the obvious choice.

Tags included: うる星やつら (Urusei Yatsura), 虎縞ビキニ (tiger-stripe bikini), 虎柄ビキニ (tiger-pattern bikini), 虎娘 (tiger-girl), 虎耳 (tiger-ears), 白虎 (white tiger), 虎 (tiger), 小虎 (tiger cub), 寅年 (year of the tiger).

(bonus video)


The Return of Commander Duckie

アヒル隊長 is a better search term than ラバーダック. Just sayin’.


Pixiv: Christmas Cheesecake

Ho, ho, ho!


Pixiv: Catgirl Maids

Been a while since I’ve done one of these, but all that house-hunting has me thinking about stealing Porch Cat Prime to go with me (in the spring; it would be downright cruel to move an outdoor cat from California to Ohio in the winter). And about setting up maid service at the new place (if and when…). Cats and maids go together quite nicely, but to my surprise, the NSFW section ended up a bit light, with most of the candidates keeping their uniforms on, so I just padded it out with other naughty catgirls.

(I’m hoping to get a thumbs-up on the move idea this week from my manager’s manager’s manager who apparently just became my manager’s manager; then I can send my house-elves out with a realtor to inspect the places on my list)


3D cheesecake: white

For busy times, simple themes. First up, girls wearing something white. Where “wearing” is loosely interpreted in the NSFW section…


Pixiv Champloo 15

The week’s been a bit hectic, so it’s shuffle-play to the rescue!


3D cheesecake champloo

This lack of theme brought to you by tripped breakers.


Pixiv: BB&BB

That’s “belly buttons and beautiful boobs”, or more precisely, the intersection of the tags おへそ and 極上の乳. Surprisingly, out of 1,186 and 1,140 images, respectively, there were only 98 that matched both, so I threw them all in.

This is really more of a tagging limitation than anything else; Pixiv users don’t go as wild tagging every possible element in a picture the way they do on some other image boards. Makes it trickier to assemble a theme sometimes.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”