Cheesecake Vault, December 2018

I think I’m getting better at whittling down the archives. Or at least quicker…

Where have you been?

I just received a package that Amazon sent to me in January (and quickly declared lost and replaced). Via USPS, of course.

(it had a note scrawled on the side “6.15 postage due”; I don’t know who they expect to collect that from)

Anker Man

Anker, maker of devices that transform AC current into USB charging, released a… Transformers tie-in model. Five months ago, but Amazon didn’t recommend it to me until today. Not that I’m in the market for one.

Custom kydex that isn’t

I’m not going to name-and-shame the vendor, yet, but I went looking for a good OWB mag carrier for a Ruger LCP Max, found a company in Texas that had a nice-looking product and advertised compatibility, and received something that was not only not left-handed, but that was so oversized that you could drop the mag in and rattle it around.

Turns out they didn’t have a sample in stock to form the kydex around, and guessed that it must be about the size of a Sig P365. But they didn’t have a sample for the .380 version of the P365, so they used the 9mm mag. And just in case it was a little too big, they included a replacement washer to narrow it down.

Closest thing I’ve got that fits in it is a .40 CZ-75B mag. I sent pictures off to the vendor, talked to them on the phone, and they said they’d stop at the nearby Cabelas, pick up the right mag, and make a replacement (properly left-handed). Even if the new one is correct, I definitely won’t order from them again, because if I wanted something generic that might kinda fit if you tweak it, I wouldn’t have ordered model-specific custom kydex.

(Tanya is not amused, and you know what that leads to…)

Cheesecake variety pack

Single-serving cheesecake

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