“Two all-beef patties…”

I’ll take the pair, with a large milkshake.


Applied Topology

No black hole jokes, please.


Future Waifu Club Endroll!

Endro! has produced relatively little fan-art so far. Perhaps it’s simply flying under the radar; I don’t recall any mention of it before Don’s. Cute and fluffy, without adaptation baggage, and entertaining enough that I watched the latest one as soon as it came out on Crunchyroll.

So far Mei seems like the least-unlikely waifu candidate: she’s a magic-card-collecting otaku with stockings, garters, and a skirt slit up to there with bonus pantsu window, and she cooks. Fai has huge tracts of land, but a disturbing tendency to vigorously gnaw on things when she’s hungry, which is always. Seira is a cute, responsible bookworm, but suffers from A-cup angst, poor housekeeping skills, is ashamed she needs glasses, and is mildly delusional. Yusha is improbably lucky and severely delusional. Mao-chan is, of course, a loli with destiny issues, while Princess Rona is fixated on her heroine ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo. Unnamed Teacher is the only adult female so far, and dresses for sexcess, but she’s a bit of a lolicon.


Dear Youmu Konpaku,

My attempt to figure out if you’re canonically left-handed, as shown in this picture, resulted in a severe headache due to the variety of improbable and likely painful sword-handling techniques displayed in other fan art (frequently NSFW).

However, I feel compelled to point out one thing: the fingers of your right hand will either break on impact or simply slip off the hilt the moment you start to swing.

Pixiv Champloo 3

So here’s an amusing Hugo note: if I don’t put anything above the fold, it won’t show the “more” button at all. So, blah blah blah cheesecake.


Career Day

Mariya Nagao says, “girls, be ambitious!”.


“Yonder lies the castle of my father…”


3D Cheesecake 14

To celebrate California getting drenched, I found some wet dreams…