Pixiv: "relax, man, you're two tents"

I hadn’t noticed the tag 乳テント (“boob tent”) until recently. I’d noticed the effect of fabric being stretched taut in a well-filled blouse, just not the name for it. It’s not a huge category, although there’s definitely a tendency for huge things to get filed under it. Such as Ryotas, although fan-artists also go for the vacuum-sealed look with her as well.


3D cheesecake: beachwear/bedwear

“Black magic is a matter of symbolism and intent. So is black lingerie.”
– Not Lord Darcy

Often when I’m skimming through my archives, I have to decide if a particular outfit counts as a swimsuit or as lingerie. This is complicated both by the overlap in settings and by the existence of definitely-NSFW swimwear. In particular, there’s a popular brand of white racing swimsuit that goes transparent quite easily, especially when its occupant has been oiled. As one does.


Pixiv Champloo 14

Turn on all the cheesecakes! Or the other way around!


3D cheesecake: quick & easy

…and by quick & easy, I’m referring to the photo selection process. 😁


Of the Ducks, by the Ducks, for the Ducks

Just a little something to celebrate Wonderduck’s release from durance vile to durance slightly-less-vile…

Pixiv: school swimsuits

I’m always surprised by the prevalence of school swimsuits in anime, mostly because I never knew so many schools had pools. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Any cake in a cheese, and all that.


3D cheesecake: dressed & undressed

Usually glamour shoots end up somewhere in the middle, but there are plenty of good things to say about the ends.

These pictures make me sad (NSFW site! Javascript off!): the stunning Manami Hashimoto, in a tight catsuit, with a pistol. The classic M-Appeal look, and every picture is terrible. Bad makeup, bad lighting, bad framing, bad posing, bad setting, bad editing, weird angles, no life behind the eyes, etc, etc. Poor trigger discipline is just icing on the crappy cake.

This is unfortunately the norm for Manami; I can think of only a handful of shoots where the people behind the camera seemed to have any interest at all in showing her off.


One out of three porch cats is smart enough to come in out of the rain. The other two deliberately go out into the rain in the hope of getting attention from me. Extra credit for Solid, who followed me all the way across the street to my mailbox, then all the way back, only to discover that I’d already put out fresh dry food for him.

Totally Unrelated,

I exported everything from Synology’s Notes app to Joplin, using this Python script and the Joplin CLI. There’s another project that tries to use the Joplin API to do it in one go, but it blew chunks on me before it ever imported anything; someone else filed a bug on it already, so I didn’t pile on with a “me, too”.

I did file a bug on this script, because it uses Pandoc to handle the HTML-to-Markdown conversion, and unless you add the multiline_tables extension, any table markup that includes a block element will simply be dropped from the output, replaced with the words “[TABLE]”.

Fortunately I caught that when I spotted a note that had five attachments and no other data. Even more fortunately, only 5 of ~200 notes were affected by this. Using the multiline-tables extension produces notes that need significant cleanup, but the alternative is potentially significant data loss.

(doing it from the CLI would have been a lot more painful if I’d had more attachments, since the CLI has only rudimentary support for that (import directory of MD files, grep for broken attachment links, loop over list of files that should have been attached to each note and add them, cleanup formatting later))


Pixiv Champloo 13

No-bake cheesecake. 😁


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”