Pixiv test

Working on upgrading my posting script to extract keywords and proper URLs from Pixiv downloads. PixivPy mostly works, although Python is my least-favorite language to hack about in. I haven’t found a good mapping table to create English versions of most tags, even though I know Pixiv has one. The API is kind of goofy, since it’s straightforward REST, but relies on pretending you’re the official Android/iOS client to get authentication to work. Documentation is lacking in two languages.


Cheesecake Champloo 24

“Any thing done for the first time unleashes a cheesecake.”


3D Cheesecake 4

The power went out at home (~4,000 people affected…) while I was prepping this set, so no names for now.

[Update: filled in most of the first half; annoyed that Google just returns “girl” for the first one…]


Cheesecake Champloo 23

“There is no data, only Zuul cheesecake”.


3D Cheesecake 3

Once again into the NAS, selecting items of interest from a random subset of the “hc” folder! I’ll fill in more names later, but if you want to play along at home, read this entry in Chrome, right-click, and select “Search Google for Image”.

No, this collection does not include the sleek smiley cutie from the Makudonarudo song, Meu Ninomiya. Shame about that, but her gravure portfolio is rather slim. One of her movies has been subtitled and made available on Amazon Prime Video, though.


3D Cheesecake 2

Consolidating all my files onto the new NAS led me to find a variety of non-animated cheesecake. I don’t have names for all of these, but I’ll fill them in as I come across them.


Cheesecake Champloo 22

Theme: “just cleaning out the leftovers again”.


Overflowing Museum of Cheesecake: Saaya

Cheesecake galleries come and go, but one that’s built up a fine collection is Ōmoriagari Gravia Kan, which can very loosely be translated to “Overflowing Museum of Cheesecake”.

As a change of pace from the usual Gelbooru roundups, I decided to occasionally feature some of the flesh-and-blood women collected there.

First up is 24-year-old Saaya Irie, who’s been a busty bikini model for 13 years now. Yes, I mean age 11. No, those pictures aren’t on my list.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”