OMC: Hitomi Yasueda

My only complaint about the quality and quantity of skin that Hitomi Yasueda (安枝瞳) frequently displays is that there are a number of pictures where her lack of a top should result in at least a hint of areola and/or nipple, but the Barbie filter is set to “nope”. As compensation, they spare no effort to prove that she’s got more ass than all but the most-genetically-gifted of Japanese women.

Born in 1988 and still working, which makes even her earliest photos comfortingly legal for prolonged ogling.


Pixiv: barefoot

“Wait, they have feet?”


“I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers…”

“​…but she’d better not touch my Honeycomb!”

(the sign, if you can find it, reads, “I snitched the snacks”)

3D Cheesecake 21

If she’s good for a gander, she’s good for a goose.


Pixiv Champloo 6

No idea where all those zombie girls came from; I must have something on my mindbraaaaiiinzzz.


3D Cheesecake: Invisible Handcuffs Edition

With apologies to Genesis

🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶
Well I’ve been surfing, surfing porn so long,
But thinking bondage, bondage was just wrong.
Well now I know,
It increases visibility
Of prime femininity,
And redefines the term “restraining order”.

She seems to be in invisible cuffs, damn!
I could reach out and grab right hold of her parts.
When I see girls in invisible cuffs, damn!
I lose control, my heart rate goes off the charts.

Well I don’t even know her, or how to spell her name,
Just that she shows all that skin, without a hint of shame.
And now I know,
She’s got something that keeps her trussed,
And it shows off the goods to us,
And in my dreams, I’m touching her all over.


synth break


Well I just keep losing, because I have no game,
And yes I have messed up my life, and women call me lame.
And now I know,
Restraints produce great pornography,
Expose lingerie to me,
And fill my screen with babes to slobber over.

🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

In related news, giga-Kojimblr has been released from Tumblr jail. It got flagged a few days back, which forces you to log in before viewing “sensitive” content. Since I have no intention of creating a Tumblr account, I had to cross my fingers and hope it’d eventually be released. Honestly, I’m surprised it hasn’t been permabanned by now; that’d be, what, the fifth time?

[Sunday update: …and, back into Tumblr jail it goes, sigh.]

[Sunday afternoon update: to my immense surprise, it seems I do have a Tumblr account; they just sent me email saying it’s been a long time since I used my account, and do I still want to keep the username? Apparently I created it a few years ago to add a comment to someone’s “where is this place in Kyoto” request. Don’t bother looking for my empty blog there; it’s marked private, and I wouldn’t use it anyway, given how hostile they are to their users.]

[updated with almost all their names]


More fun with duplicate cheesecake

Before I deleted the 2,000+ duplicate images I found with PDQ, I did a lot of sampling to make sure there were no false positives. The default distance within which clusterize256 considers two images to be the same is 31, which looks like the sort of number you’d come up with after testing your code against a large set of known data.

Now that I have ~16,000 de-duped images, I decided to see what would happen if I bumped that up.

First I tried 50, which found a number of real dupes where the differences consisted of minor changes in cropping, focus, and exposure (at the level of Photoshop’s auto-level function), as well as significant text additions. It also had a fair number of false positives, however, mostly photos of the same model with slightly different expressions or head positions (eyes open/closed, smile/not, face turned a few degrees, etc); if they should be considered dupes at all, the resolution process has to be manual (we used to call it “editing your damn photoshoot”…).

Then I tried 40, which reduced but didn’t eliminate the false face positives. 35 left me with only one false match (below), but also didn’t pick up some of the real near-duplicates.

Then there was this pair…


Pixiv: quick sketch

Rakugaki (落書き) can refer to scribbles or graffiti, but on Pixiv, it’s usually more of a quick sketch. And some artists’ “quick sketches” are quite impressive.

Let’s lead off with the extremely rare triple half-rims!