“Hey, where’d he go?”

I got nothin’…

Refrigerate After Opening

When you’ve hired a top model for the whole day, but run out of photo ideas, of course you put her in the pantry. Although, honestly, I see a box of Jell-O in there, so if you need inspiration…


Motorcycle headlights

Chinese model/chatgirl Faye Lau (刘飞儿) is extremely cute. That is all.


Pixiv: Azur Lane

All I know about the mobile game Azur Lane is that it’s causing a new flood of shipgirl cheesecake. That’s not a complaint.

[oddly, this image has been deleted from Pixiv, so I can’t link back to the creator. Unfortunately, my SQLite cache doesn’t have author IDs in it.]


3D Cheesecake 8

I refuse to leave those Antifa mugshots as the top picture any longer.

Names when I get a chance, as usual.


Pixiv: Belly-buttons

Today’s retroactive Pixiv category is おへそ (oheso), because while a shapely ankle may once have turned heads, an exposed midriff increases the odds that other interesting bits may come to light.


3D Cheesecake 7

Names as I get a chance, as usual.

[TinEye to the rescue! Google image search couldn’t find a name for this cutie, but TinEye managed to match it to a tiny thumbnail (89x120) of the uncropped image on a defunct Russian site, and I was able to pick out the name “Azumi” and the kanji “川島”; sure enough, she’s former model and AV actress 川島和津美.]


3D cheesecake supply

Cheesecake sites come and go, but most of the old reliable ones I used to link to just went poof one day, and most of the others ended up hidden behind login pages (Tumblr has gotten very aggressive about flagging adult content, and also shutting down too-popular sites).

Here’s my current rotation:

  • Takitumblr/Shashinmeister: one of the few cheesecake Tumblrs not locked behind a login, this site is updated multiple times per day, and is pretty much the place I start. Lots of gravure models, idol singers, cat GIFs, etc. Bad: endless scrolling that can cause your browser to reload the page and lose your place, doesn’t always tag models by name (even when they’re obvious), and way too much Rena Takeda, Rina Koike, and Nagi Nemoto for my taste; Rena and Rina I can appreciate in moderation, but Nemo’s got wonky eyes and terrible stylists. No problems with ads or Javascript (apart from the endless scrolling thing). Good place to discover other sites.

  • Overflowing Museum of Cheesecake: This is a huge archive of mostly-non-nude photoshoots, all neatly tagged by the model’s name. Bad: AdBlock Pro intercepts a lot of stuff on this site, and even with that, it loads very slowly unless you disable Javascript. The site is fully functional with ads blocked and scripts disabled. Updated pretty much every day.

  • Giga-Kojimblr: I’ve lost count of how many times Kojimblr’s been shut down on Tumblr, but this is the current one. Excellent taste, reliable name-tagging, no endless scrolling, frequent updates. Bad: sure to disappear and change names again.

  • Gaisenmon: generally decent taste, usually includes names, no endless scrolling, frequent updates. Bad: too much Nemo, no tagging, occasional burst of candid-schoolgirl photos.

  • SheCool: frequently-updated archive of recent magazine shoots, including nudes. Well-tagged and categorized, one adult ad in sidebar. Bad: some picture links take you to product pages rather than larger images.

  • Big Boobs Japan: excellent taste, not restricted to either big boobs or Japan, multiple new shoots per day, all named, romanized, and tagged. No real negatives, apart from a bunch of social-media icons splattered everywhere (including a prominent “save to Pinterest” link, which I’d rather die than do).

  • Gazō Navi: raunchy, lots of porn pics, lots of porn ads, lots of garbage linkposts. Updated every few days, but maybe only a quarter of the posts are worth clicking on. More and more I visit this less and less, because actual photo galleries that aren’t just copied from one of the above sites only show up at most once a week.

  • Sumomo-ch: mostly photo shoots from porn flicks, lots of redundant linkposts, and the occasional worthwhile theme post (“small-breasted women bathing”, “foreign swimsuit hotties”, etc). Bad: turn off Javascript; not only are there tons of porn ads with animations and popovers, but the site constantly chews up CPU (I suspect cryptocurrency mining). Also often adds a fairly large mosaic blur over the naughty bits, even in images where it’s not necessary, and adds a watermark that recompresses images. Multiple updates per day, at least, and the publicity stills of AV actresses can be quite nice.

  • Passion Nippones: decent roundup of a lot of magazine shoots, as well as galleries from some pretty obscure sites, updated frequently. Bad: loads very slowly even without Javascript, tons of stuff caught by AdBlock Pro. I closed the tab after ABP went into triple digits and Safari threw up a SPoD. Not recommended without protection.

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