Call of the weird

Checking in on Vermeil

As of episode 5, Our Super Succubus had discovered that hubris is always a bad idea, and that Our Obvious Bad Guy was in fact capable of ruining her day. In #6, the truth will set you free. So will blood loss, kisses, and buying the Bluray. This was basically a mid-season finale, with no real dangling threads to pick up next episode, so it could go pretty much anywhere from here.

(picture is unrelated, as you probably guessed)

What Would Netflix Do (about Uncle)?

Looks like they used up the first week of their two-week delay to air another episode.

Targeted marketing…

I saw this display, and thought that they really ought to have called the products Transbeef and Transburger. That would ensure that they jumped off the shelves into the mouths of the desired customers while clearly reminding the rest of us that it ain’t food.

Of course, someone could immediately release another product called Cisbeef, which, by the actual meaning of the cis- and trans- Latin prefixes, would also contain no beef.

In related news, money talks.

The trouble with Nazuna…

In my initial comments on Call Of The Night, I mentioned that Our Sucking Heroine has weird boobs. After extensive study of slender Japanese women, I think I can describe exactly what’s wrong.

Take, for instance, this picture of fresh young AV actress Sayaka Otoshiro (乙白さやか; NSFW! Disable Javascript!), who apparently got out of the business after two years:

This is the best match I’ve found for what I think the artist intended for Nazuna’s body: modestly-sized natural breasts, widely spaced, with the nipples slightly angled out. The problem is that his design for her top has a giant diamond-shaped window in the middle of the chest, with the entire breast covered and pulled to the outside.

It varies from scene to scene, of course, and the simplification of the anime design exaggerates it, particularly in the first episode, but in some shots her (stiff) nipples appear to be angled out nearly 30 degrees, something that large natural breasts can do when a woman lies on her back, but that our less-endowed beauties don’t have enough mass for, as Sayaka demonstrates with friends:

The official art on the web site adds a bit of shading to the window for a more normal lifts-and-separates look, and some other drawings show some actual boob in the boob window. Basically the anime exaggerates a costume design that’s a poor match for her skinny body.

Related, apparently there’s a set of chibi episodes being released on their official Twitter account.

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