Cheesecake Vault, August 2018

Scrubbing through this period in my archives turned up a number of treats, including two favorites photographed in earlier years, Eri Kamei and Kanori Kadomatsu. Eri retired from idol group Morning Musume in 2010, and is currently happily married to the singer/songwriter from the popular band Bump Of Chicken. Meanwhile, Kanori is still an active anime and game voice actress under another name, and also still quite easy on the eyes at age 49.

“Hey, are you moving again?”

It’s the one-year anniversary of me scheduling a truck and people to help me load it in California and unload it in Ohio. So I got email from both companies, asking me if I was moving again.

Yeah, no. And if I were, they’d have just knocked themselves off my list.

On with the cheesecake!

August Personages

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