Yūsha and Yuri

This week, one Princess thickens the plot in Endro!, and two others may be separated forever in Manaria Friends (or, y’know, not).

The MF episode kind of feels like a season-ender, but since nothing really happens in this show, it’s hard to tell. I wouldn’t mind at all if it continued, especially since Grea clearly hasn’t thought through the consequences of her decision.

Manaria Friends

Inexplicably retitled Mysteria Friends by Crunchyroll, sacrificing any name recognition it may have had, the first episode of this series felt like a cutscene from a video game. Which it more-or-less is. There’s some familiar voice talent involved, including Inoue Kikuko, Nana Mizuki, and Yōko Hikasa, and the character designs have that clean adapted-from-a-game look.

Why did I watch it? Busty half-dragon high school girl.

Will I watch more? Maybe while I’m on the elliptical next week, but today’s workout will be sponsored by episode 10 of Endro!, because cuteness.


Since it’s the first really nice Springlike Saturday, I went out to relax on my front porch with a nice drink and listen to the bamboo rustling in the wind, … and every neighbor is having a party filled with music and/or joyfully shrieking children.

In short, I grabbed my iPad and headphones and watched four more episodes (not hard, did I mention they’re only 15 minutes long?). It’s all zero-threat “magic is friendship” with a touch of cheesecake and yuri. So, worth it. I’m thinking the King might have to intervene if he wants a next generation, because the princess and the dragon girl clearly have some couple-ing in their future…

On an Endro! note, Mei’s fantasy waifustyle knocks her down a notch, while raising Seira’s stock. Also worth it.

Future Waifu Club Endroll!

Endro! has produced relatively little fan-art so far. Perhaps it’s simply flying under the radar; I don’t recall any mention of it before Don’s. Cute and fluffy, without adaptation baggage, and entertaining enough that I watched the latest one as soon as it came out on Crunchyroll.

So far Mei seems like the least-unlikely waifu candidate: she’s a magic-card-collecting otaku with stockings, garters, and a skirt slit up to there with bonus pantsu window, and she cooks. Fai has huge tracts of land, but a disturbing tendency to vigorously gnaw on things when she’s hungry, which is always. Seira is a cute, responsible bookworm, but suffers from A-cup angst, poor housekeeping skills, is ashamed she needs glasses, and is mildly delusional. Yusha is improbably lucky and severely delusional. Mao-chan is, of course, a loli with destiny issues, while Princess Rona is fixated on her heroine ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo. Unnamed Teacher is the only adult female so far, and dresses for sexcess, but she’s a bit of a lolicon.


One for Steven…

…wherever he is: moe maid glasses shop, with plenty of under-rim glasses styles.

Note that this is part of the Candy Fruit maid empire, which includes an actual housemaid service (“we do windows, but we won’t do you!”).

Hog Wild!

She looks a bit young for a fryer…


Live-action Gakkou Gurashi movie:


Zombie Moon

I got nothing, so here’s some cute dead girls doing cute dead things.

Zombie girls use their heads!

If they announced a second season of Zombieland Saga, I’d be on it like Tae on squid.

After the jump, my favorite fan-art to date…

(and NSFW…)