Molesting Magical Girls, episode 12

Now that’s how you sell Blurays! First, Our Commanding Dom restores her faith in the world by seeing that Our Busty Sub ain’t broken, and then manages to lure her into a compromising position without using her powers. Just two fingers. Where they feel best.

Then, armed with new toys, Our Sleepy Loli takes on Our Ditzy Redhead in a giant monster fight, giving everyone in the neighborhood a giant upskirt shot. Dom and Our Shooty Catgirl go undercover to increase the exposure, quickly joined by Busty and Our Punchy Blonde in a knock-down, knocker-out, knicker-down, drag-em-out fight with a photo-finish.

Verdict: this was the funniest episode yet, and they still managed to work in their character-development kink! I’ll be sad when it’s over next week.

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