Killing time

Solo Leveling, episode 9

To my surprise, they did not drag out the big fight another week by intercutting scenes of side characters. They didn’t fully animate it, either, though; lots of flashing blades and sound effects to save on budget.

Related, proof that Our Hero is no longer entirely human is that he’s not thoroughly distracted by Joohee’s change of clothing post-dungeon. That blouse was clearly a present for him, or at least the gift wrap.

Verdict: if they don’t announce a second season soon, this is just going to stop in an unsatisfying place.

(I was honestly expecting them to airdrop a Cha scene into this week’s episode)

The Apothecary Diaries, episode 22

Roses are blue, nails are bright red; next week father/daughter thing comes to a head.

Verdict: honestly, is there anything Maomao can’t do? Sure, she comes by her brains legitimately, but she’s turning into Encyclopedia Brown here. Not that it’s bothering me enough to even consider not watching the show.

(my real disappointment is that Gyokuyo didn’t get up to any mischief)

Chocolate Bunny Raising Project, episode 22

In which Our Goofball Hero finds himself wrapped up in two naked bunny girls. Kinda.

Verdict: Chocolate Bunny is made of awesome. Pity she doesn’t currently have a human form.

Van Life, episode 10

This week, both heroes are depressed. Me too, because bath time seems to be gone for good.

Verdict: my low expectations are not being met, but I have not yet kicked the hero party out of the rotation. Fingers crossed that Tisse gets in one more hot-springs review this season.

Unrelated juicing…

It’s ripe-pineapple season at Dole, and the fruits of their labor are flooding local stores. It’s a bit tedious to carve up the silly things, but I really like ripe pineapple, so even holding back I’ve gone through three in as many weeks.

With this latest one, I found myself looking at the bottle of Monin Yuzu Syrup sitting next to the Sodastream. Turns out they go well together. Really well.

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