Molesting Magical Girls, episode 10

In which Our New Underlings turn out to be childhood friends who’ve been supressing not only their deep friendship, but their intimate lesbian desires, revealed courtesy of Our Mighty Dom’s desire for a free show. And a juicy show it is, making all previous hentai-ish scenes in this show just a tease.

In the second half, Our Much-Abused Magical Gals are still off training, so it’s up to Our Full Team Naughty to respond to an attack on the city by the forces of Lord Evil Lord And The Crying Nun.

Verdict: the first half starts out as some real character-building for Loco Musica and Leberblume, before whiplashing into hot girl-girl sex. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but hoo-boy is it going to send the forum whiners into orbit. Extra credit to Kiwi-chan for her starring role as Super Leoparde!

(celebrating the creation of our full five-girl sentai team, Loco and Leber were added to the end credits animation and song)

Dear Alexa,

I do not consider it appropriate for you to scan my network for non-Amazon devices, interrogate their status, and then ask me if I want to order new batteries for them. It’s not like I wouldn’t have bought batteries from you anyway, it’s the “what else are you doing with the information you gather about devices on my network” that’s the issue.

(…and that’s why you’re on the other network!)

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