Molesting Magical Girls, episode 11

[Hidive was 7 hours late on this one; other streaming platforms got it out on time, though]

Super Catgirl And The Power Of Love! Giant Nun Shrinks From Combat! Busty Gets Her Groove Back! Dom Brings The Smack Down! Machiavellian Mascot Unmasked! Is This The [Blistered] End Of Lord Enome?

Verdict: good squishy.

Call Of The Night 2 in production

The teaser video is just a panned still with no release date attached, but at least it will show up someday.

Not enough diversity in new Shogun series!

No, seriously, dipshits are complaining about it.

Apple broke USB (again)

Many people who’ve updated to MacOS 14.4 can’t connect devices that worked in 14.3. Changing security settings may work around it.

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