The Grooming Of The Raccoon Waifu

I’m finally caught up on 狸の幼妻の育ち上がり, er, “The Rising of the Shield Hero”. I like it, but it helped that I went into it with fair warning about the infodumps and enough episodes out that I could watch two at a time. And that I ignored the fan-wanking about how it was just awful compared to the manga and the light novels and the web novels, etc, etc.

(original image by yodane, here; titling by me; click for full-sized image upscaled with (appropriately) waifu2x)

Hopefully it will do well enough for a second season, because they can’t possibly wrap up even a highly-condensed adaption of the main story, currently spread across 20+ novels and not yet finished. Unless they blitz through the waves to a Type 1 Tenchi Solution in the last few episodes. 😁

Now all I have to do is come up with something else to watch while on the elliptical…

Dear Souji Okita,

This is a block. Not a great block, since it’s a little low, and too close to your head, but an incoming strike will at least hit the blade before it hits your head:

This is not a block. Honestly, you’re about five seconds away from re-enacting Ben Kenobi’s final scene in Star Wars:

Run away!

Unrelated, my shins, calves, and ankles are still complaining about the stairs to the top of Himeji Castle…

Hey, at least she’s got a cat

“Welcome Home”

Steampunk Totoro

Not a pick-up line…

I hope the DanMachi spinoffs eventually produce a story focused on second-tier adventurer Anakitty Autumn, who is apparently the only non-insane catgirl in that universe.

(screenshot from the mobile game)


Someone who actually needs an iPhone XS Max Plus Supreme…