Run away!

Unrelated, my shins, calves, and ankles are still complaining about the stairs to the top of Himeji Castle…

Hey, at least she’s got a cat

“Welcome Home”

Steampunk Totoro

Not a pick-up line…

I hope the DanMachi spinoffs eventually produce a story focused on second-tier adventurer Anakitty Autumn, who is apparently the only non-insane catgirl in that universe.

(screenshot from the mobile game)


Someone who actually needs an iPhone XS Max Plus Supreme…


Deus Ex Chibi

Endro! finishes strong.


Yes, last week’s Manaria Friends was the last episode. It did feel that way.

Yūsha and Yuri

This week, one Princess thickens the plot in Endro!, and two others may be separated forever in Manaria Friends (or, y’know, not).

The MF episode kind of feels like a season-ender, but since nothing really happens in this show, it’s hard to tell. I wouldn’t mind at all if it continued, especially since Grea clearly hasn’t thought through the consequences of her decision.