The Apocralypse

Y2K Apocralypse


We were all-hands-on-deck for Y2K at WebTV, with Operations, devs, and management all waiting for a scramble signal from QA if something went wrong. Since, like most businesses, we’d fixed everything we could think of well in advance, I was hanging out in a conference room with my 4x5 view camera taking pictures of whisky bottles (and a mildly-cute girl from another group who wandered in at some point; portraits only!).

Turned out there was exactly one thing that had been missed: trying to add a credit card that didn’t start being valid until 1/1/2000. This produced a legendary flaming email from Steve Perlman, which was preserved for posterity because it was a reply-all that CC’d the Remedy ticket system.

A long time ago...

…in a Republic far, far away:

"The more you lose your grip, Left-wing, the more our systems will slip through your fingers."

Finding the perfect woman...

On seeing the contents of the Amazon package that she’d brought over from the other building, the cute glasses-wearing female engineer said:

"You have a cordless circular saw? Cool!"

…and now she’s going off to assemble a CNC router kit…

"Sponsored Products Related To This Item"

Pop quiz: while examining a product listing (of the does what I need for now, but isn’t the $1,200 one I’d buy if I were serious type), I noticed a few oddities in the “related items” list. See if you can figure out what I was looking at:

The last thing you'll ever see...


Drunker on the inside...

(original source lost; image search turns up a bunch of fake blogs filled with text and pictures stolen from other sites and randomly thrown together, sigh)

I saw the ocean...

…and the ocean sawed back.

Teeth of the sea, Patrice Carré

(by Patrice Carré, via)

Guess who brought the ducks?

Doctor X - freelance surgeon

(from Doctor-X, a tv series about a sexy freelance surgeon; via)

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”