Bell the cat, duck the dog


Best. Hug Pillow. Ever

Sadly, it’s one of the prizes in Yomeishu’s summer campaign, not for sale (unless you want to buy it used in a few months…).


Foods from my native land...

The company’s having an “international potluck lunch” with foods from our “native countries” on Wednesday. I don’t have time to order Cassano’s Pizza, and the nearest White Castle is in Vegas, so I can’t decide between corn on the cob, Johnny Marzetti, Cincinatti Chili, or just stopping at Wendy’s and buying a bunch of Frosties.

The Catgirl Obsession...

An unrelated post on Mad Genius Club suddenly reminded me of my first catgirl crush:

My incurable case of Feline Fever goes back more than four decades.

SimCity 2017


Yamato (Nadesico) Transport


Hey, at least they're not Peeps...


Probationary Duckies

A little something to help Wonderduck through life’s trials.


“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”