Halloween 2016 prep...

I don’t think I’ll run out tonight. The forecast promises perfect Trick-or-Treat weather tonight after several days of rain, so I went out to Costco and Walmart to stock up. Each bag is 3-6 pounds.

Halloween 2016

[9pm update: even with good weather, I overbought. No more haunted house down the block, I guess. A fair crowd, but I only went through about 50 pounds of candy. The last three teen girls who showed up at 8:55 got extra so I could finish off the opened bags. That should keep me from eating any of the many pounds that are left. I should be popular at the office for a few months, anyway.]

The Schoolgirl Express

If our universe were like anime, what would these young ladies be rushing off to do?

Schoolgirl Express

And does it involve giant robots, tentacles, or both?


Savannah Cerberus



Roll her in flour...

Not Safe For Work Or Baking


Pic dump

Time to clean out the downloads folder. I’ve lost track of where I found most of these, but any collection of photos that includes Miwako Kakei in a teddy can’t be all bad…

This 7-11 only offers so much convenience:


How to get me to play Pokemon Go...

…throw out a lure!

Pikachu peek-a-boo


Santa Mami


I got nothin...

Do you know the way to Fukui?

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”