I love it when a plan comes together

Just got a phone call from someone claiming to be Amazon Customer Support, trying to confirm recent purchases. This was suspicious not because of his random phone number and strong Indian accent, but because he claimed to be Amazon Customer Support, a group that is slightly less mythical than the Easter Bunny.

I asked him what the email address associated with this Amazon account was, and he carefully spelled out “outdoorlimited@…”.

So I hung up, changed my password at Outdoor Limited, and contacted their customer service to let them know they’d been hacked.


...and another one today. Oddly enough, they hung up before I could.

Dear Unknown Christian...

FYI, if you want to wrap Chick tracts in a Christmas card and send them to complete strangers in another state, choose a card that is not covered with loose glitter. They may still hate you, but you won’t inspire the rage that comes from forcing them to spend the next week vacuuming and wiping down every surface between the mailbox and the recycling bin.

Pack it up!

Amazon Fragile™

Looks like I’ve got another two-day Prime delivery that’s going to take more than a week, as the bamboo garden stand I ordered was rejected by the carrier for damage and sent back. Switching from reliable delivery to dirt-cheap delivery is not a great long-term strategy, but it must be giving someone a quarterly bonus.

To add insult to injury, the notice that “Unfortunately, a problem occurred during shipping” is accompanied by a “Buy again” button. They should replace that with a “Buy somewhere else” button.

Another day, another data breach

I’ve never done business with Progress Software or used their MOVEit Transfer software, and neither did the credit union holding my HSA account, but their banking-services vendor Sovos did, and therefore I’m one of the 60 million people whose personal and financial information were compromised.

I think this is the third of fourth time I’ve been given free credit monitoring and identity theft protection due to some asshole’s sloppy coding practices.

This week or next…

Crunchyroll hasn’t announced the start date for S-Rank Daddy’s Girl, but it turns out that the previews claiming it’s this week are for one specific “premium” network, and everyone else in Japan gets it next week. Which means that Crunchy probably gets it next week. Sigh.

If that’s the case, it looks like Frieren will be the season opener for me.

(note: this is the most popular fan-art of the title character that does not involve cock; seriously, Pixiv?)

Interviews With Monster Girls manga ends

In translation, that is; it ended in December in Japan. The anime was terrific, but I’ve always had trouble writing about it because I can’t help wishing Steven had lived to see it; I think it would have pushed all of his buttons, not just the one about the gorgeous virgin succubus wearing red under-rim glasses.

I don’t think the post-anime source material would have held together for a second season, but it did at least bring an appropriate conclusion to the growing feelings between Our Iron-Willed Hero and Our Age-Appropriate Heroine.

The boy in the bubble

Sunday: spend half an hour coming up with a solution for JWZ’s font-rendering problem, earning his gratitude.

Monday: get banned from commenting on JWZ’s blog for gently mocking a bullshit pro-abortion publicity stunt.

Shamus Young, R.I.P

Well, shit, we’ve lost another good one. More later.

Votin’ versus Vaccin’...

  1. You have to show ID.
  2. You have to show up in person.
  3. You can only do it once.
  4. They don’t count boxes of vaccines that are stored under tables and pulled out after everyone is sent home for the night.

Just sayin’.

Important safety tip

If you receive an unsolicited “membership card” in the mail informing you that your free prescription discount service has been activated, and almost every single Google search result contains nearly-identical boilerplate text insisting that it’s not a scam? It’s a scam.

The state of the state

Lockdown fatigue

It’s become increasingly evident over the past few weeks that if it weren’t for porch cats and package deliveries, I’d have no real validation of my existence. And I’m fresh out of Amazon orders. Several times now, I’ve found myself trolling my wish lists and recommendations just to find something vaguely useful to buy. I usually don’t, in the end, but even indirect human contact is so rare now that if an unmasked JW showed up at my door tomorrow, I’d learn Spanish just to keep them from going away immediately.

Okay, maybe only if it was another young hot one.

Do you recall?

My only disappointment with the increasingly-likely recall vote for Benito Newsom is that it doesn’t include the entire California state government. He may be the most malignant, but it’s cancer all the way down, and they’re all responsible for how fucked-up California is.

But they’ll keep their jobs, because the so-called “Covid relief” bill is actually a pension-fund bailout for California and New York, saving them from the consequences of some of their many other failures. And if the voting “reform” bill passes into law without a successful Constitutional challenge, they’ll be secure in their grift forever.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”