American Fairy Tales

Growing up in the Southwest, Red had learned how to handle Big Bad Wolves.

Little Camo Riding Hood

(via; SFW link, but this Tumblr is often NSFW)

The cake is a pie...

My next birthday cake (needs more candles)



Dear Tokyo Game Show, never change.

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…and I love Aya Hayase’s twitter feed this week.

Life lessons from my sister...

So that the rest of us could learn from experience, she shared:

Public Service Announcement for the uninitiated (and others, like me, who don't read labels on things like Bounty): They now make paper towels with dish soap in them. Don't use them to make bacon in the microwave. #justsayin' On the bright side, clean up was suprisingly easy ....

Update: In fairness, they do warn you, but who really looks at the label when buying generic items like paper towels? Unless you read the trade press, you’re as likely to expect dish soap in paper towels as you are jalapeño-infused toilet paper.

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Born to be kings...

“I am Tigger MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.
I’m the only one.”

Classic TV

Martian cat


Spankin’ it old school

Adult Toys Porno Shop

I respect their commitment to sincerity. The sign reads “Adult Toys Porno Shop”.

How to hold ’em

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The current #1 best-seller in pet books on Amazon Japan.

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”