Pic dump

Time to clean out the downloads folder. I’ve lost track of where I found most of these, but any collection of photos that includes Miwako Kakei in a teddy can’t be all bad…

This 7-11 only offers so much convenience:

Technically, Miwako is wearing a Teddy.

I figure this Fallout 4 Curry is made with radroach meat, mutfruit, and Jet.

“The same thing we do every night, Yui; try to take over the world!”

Chiaki-chan by Akiman

Arnold will teach you how to reap what you sow.

Secret Ninja Book is secret.

The day after the Ai Shinozaki robot maid went on sale, civilization ended.

How Japan deals with homeless schoolgirls:

A tad overdressed, but the best Utsutsu-chan cosplay I’ve seen.

“Dear Hello!Project Costume Designers…”

“Just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947.”