Maid Helper

Maid's helper, by Akiman

(via Akiman’s Pixiv page)

Go slow. No, slower.

Yamanashi prefecture road sign

(via, which includes a video going through the turn)

Old meets New

It’s been a while since a Mook caught my eye. Just-released title JK☆Q illustrates Japanese cars from the 60s through the 80s, accompanied by thematically appropriate high school girls.

JK-Q Cosmo girls

I mention this because there are two previous mooks from the same publisher, featuring girls on motorcycles: JK☆B and JK☆B-2. Would you be shocked to learn that JK☆B featured Bakuon?


Pop quiz...

Kitten or ice cream?


#14 in art/architecture/design books...

…on Amazon Japan, a comprehensive review of materials engineering and structural stability principles. No word yet on whether it covers Ribbon Stabilization.

Wrap The Boobs (photobook)

Now add a Wave Motion Gun...

Funamori Yamato


Should have shipped them UPS...

I dropped my parents off at the San Jose airport Monday morning. They’re still not home. After spending the night in Denver thanks to storm-cancelled flights, they finally made it to Indianapolis last night, and are renting a car today to drive the rest of the way.

Suitcase cats

It was great having them and my sister for a week, and my house is cleaner and more spacious than it’s been for years, but it is nice having the place to myself again.

Fruits Basket

Clara's apples are the perfect size


It took me a while to decide whether to file this under Tools, Toys, Food, or Models…

“Need a clue, take a clue,
 got a clue, leave a clue”